Unique and Unusual Shower Designs from Around the World

Showers are an essential part of our daily routine, but they don’t have to be boring or mundane. Across the world, there are unique and unusual shower designs that push the boundaries of what we typically think of as a shower.

These innovative designs not only offer a refreshing and functional experience but also add an element of intrigue and fun to any bathroom. From showerheads that mimic rainfall to showers that incorporate live plants, the creativity in shower designs is endless.

In this article, we will explore some of the most unique and unusual shower designs from around the world that have caught our attention and left a lasting impression. Get ready to be inspired and perhaps even consider upgrading your shower experience with one of these creative designs.


There’s nothing quite like a long, hot shower to clear the mind and clean the body, or a brisk, cold shower to cool down or wash away the lazy, sweaty sheen of a summer’s day. Showers evoke images from sports change rooms and famous movie scenes to sexy naked bodies.

While ancient Egyptians used indoor showers, the practice fell out of widespread use after the fall of empires. But now, showers are back in fashion, and designers are creating innovative waterfalls, rain sheets, light displays, self-heating systems, and music player shower heads in pods, hanging hammocks, and door-less works of art. Showers are taking over bathrooms, often called shower rooms or wet rooms, and this article will make bathroom fittings look sexy. It never rains, but it pours…

Strange shower

10 Unique and Unconventional Shower Designs from Around the World

The Tulip pod, designed by Piotr Pyrtek, takes inspiration from a blooming tulip and is an ideal option for those with limited space or looking to live in outer space. The pod can be used as both a bath and a shower, depending on whether it is open or closed.

Pod Cleansing: An Innovative and Efficient Showering Experience

The Roca combination unit offers a practical and space-saving solution for modern homes. It integrates a sink, shower, and drawers into one compact design, resembling a walk-through washing experience. As space becomes a premium in both old and new homes, this innovative unit could help solve various design challenges.

Electric Shower

The Bossini range offers an innovative solution for those who love singing in the shower but have no speakers for their MP3 players. The range includes attractive shower heads with adjustable water flow, as well as built-in speakers and a connection for your iPod or other device.

Sing Your Heart Out: The Shower with X Factor

Introducing the reverse shower – a unique concept that turns traditional showering on its head, literally. This innovative design features water spraying upwards from the base, making it perfect for those with limited space or who suffer from claustrophobia. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, the reverse shower is a functional and space-age design straight out of a science fiction movie.

Sing Your Heart Out

Unconventional Marketing for Innovative Shower Designs

The shower industry is constantly evolving, and the latest innovation is the 3D shower. These showers feature multiple nozzles that spray water from above, the sides, and even below, ensuring a thorough and immersive cleansing experience. No longer will you have to deal with water coming from just one direction. With a 3D shower, you’ll be surrounded by water, ensuring that you’ll emerge feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

The Orbis Shower: A Futuristic Design for a Unique Bathing Experience

Water conservation is a pressing issue, and we need to be mindful of our usage. The Eco-Drop shower features a clever solution for reducing water consumption: if you stay in the shower for too long, it will automatically shut off, encouraging you to conserve. Designed by Tommaso Colia, this concept is both practical and eco-friendly, making it a great addition to any modern bathroom.

Eco-Drop: A Water-Saving Shower Design that Encourages Sustainability

For those who tend to waste water, there’s another gadget to help you conserve. The inflatable shower curtain is designed to blow up after four minutes, giving you a reminder to finish up before you’re trapped in plastic. It’s a quirky solution to a serious issue, and it’s sure to keep you on your toes during your daily shower routine.

Saving Water in Style: The Benefits of Short Showers

This self-heating system captures the energy as water runs through it, providing an energy-efficient way to heat your shower.

Art meets Sustainability: The Piezo Shower – An Innovative and Eco-friendly Design

Try a revitalizing red shower to boost your mood or a calming green one for harmony with the Kos shower cabin’s chromatherapy feature. It also includes hydromassage jets and a Turkish bath steam room for a complete spa experience.

Piezo bathing Shower

Experience the Healing Power of Color with These Innovative Shower Designs

Dornbracht’s multi-senses shower concept is the epitome of shower luxury. Equipped with a control panel, “scenarios,” and “sequences,” this shower combines nature and technology for an unparalleled experience. With the press of a button, the rain curtain, head and body sprays, mist, lights, and fragrances are activated. It’s the ultimate in shower indulgence.

Experience the Heavenly Rainsky Waterfall Shower

As an additional note, just when you thought it was safe to enter the bathroom, there’s a shower curtain that may cause you to scream.


In conclusion, the world of shower design is constantly evolving, with designers coming up with innovative and unique ideas to make the shower experience more enjoyable and eco-friendly. From showers that play music, to showers that save water and energy, there are plenty of options available to suit everyone’s needs and preferences.

Some of the shower designs may seem strange at first, but they all serve a purpose in making our lives easier and more comfortable. These unique and unusual shower designs not only add a touch of creativity to our daily routines, but also contribute towards a sustainable and greener future. As we continue to look for ways to make our homes more efficient and eco-friendly, it’s exciting to see the potential that lies in the world of shower design.

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