Understanding the Meaning of Soil Level on Your Washer and How to Use It Correctly

What is the meaning of soil level on a washing machine? Even experienced homemakers can overlook this setting, but it can improve laundry results. Soil level affects not only the cleanliness but also the washing time. Learn more about this setting and its benefits to make the most out of your washer.

Understanding the Meaning of Soil Level on Your Washing Machine

Not all washing machines come equipped with soil level settings, but they are a must-have feature for automatic washers. As the name suggests, it refers to the amount of soil or dirt in your clothes.

Higher soil levels indicate dirtier clothes with more stains, while lower soil levels suggest cleaner clothes with less soil content. Your washing machine’s soil level setting will adjust accordingly. For heavily soiled clothes, a heavier soil level should be used, while clothes with mild soil levels can be washed with light or extra light intensity.

Understanding the Meaning of Soil Level on Your Washing Machine

Use Of It

If you have not used the soil level feature on your washing machine, you can improve your washing routine by selecting it. Determine if clothes have mild or high levels of dirt or stain, and consider trapped dust and your home’s dust levels.

Beddings should be washed with a high soil level setting. Take into account the fabric’s toughness before selecting the intensity. Fine clothes do not need a high intensity wash. Adjust the soil level to match clothes’ needs, and proceed with other laundry steps as usual.

Advantages of Utilizing Soil Level Setting on Your Washing Machine

The soil level setting provides numerous benefits, the most significant of which is the improved result. This setting allows you to control the washing process by adjusting the timings and intensity of the wash cycle based on the clothes’ level of dirtiness.

This means you no longer have to remove clothes from a light soil level washing cycle only to find that they require more cleaning or wait longer for the washing cycle to complete even when the clothes are clean.

Efficiency is another significant advantage of this setting. Cleaner clothes take less time to wash, saving you time. For dirtier clothes, you save time by getting them clean in one go.

In addition, the soil level selection also enhances material efficiency. When you select a heavier soil level, the washing machine uses more water because it requires more intensive cleaning, which involves more agitation of the clothes. On the other hand, a lighter soil level saves water.

The same applies to detergent use. For high soil and clay content clothes, a heavy-duty detergent complements the wash cycle when you use a high soil level setting. A lighter, more fabric-friendly detergent is suitable for a lighter soil level setting.

The soil level setting also ensures that your clothes are adequately cleaned by allowing the washing machine to apply the most appropriate intensity for cleaning these clothes. It also takes care of the clothes’ fiber, preventing damage caused by higher intensity settings.

Exploring Additional Settings for Your Washing Machine

These are all great tips for selecting the appropriate settings on a washing machine. It’s important to remember that different fabrics and soil levels require different settings for optimal cleaning and preservation.

Taking the time to understand the various settings and how they work can help prolong the life of your clothes and keep them looking their best. Additionally, it’s important to always follow the care instructions on your clothing labels to ensure you are using the appropriate settings and avoiding any damage to your clothes.

Exploring Additional Settings for Your Washing Machine


You are looking to enhance your laundry routine and are curious whether utilizing all the settings available on your washer’s interface can aid in achieving your objective. Your main concerns pertain to the soil level and intensity of the wash cycles.

More specifically, you are seeking an understanding of what soil level means on your washer, including its technicalities, and how to properly utilize this option. Additionally, you wish to know how to determine if your clothes are heavily soiled before using this feature.

Fortunately, this analysis does not require guesswork or extensive calculations. Rather, you can identify the soil level of your clothes through some straightforward indicators.

This post covers everything you need to know about using this setting, as well as introduces other settings that may prove useful.

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