7 Trending Innovative Ideas For Home Decor – Expert Advice

A home is a place that shouldn’t be dull when you come back here after a hectic day. Instead, it should give you a lively feeling. 

So here a question arises, What should a perfect home looks like?

What needs to be done for an attractive house?

If you are short of answers to such questions, stop worrying!

Reading out the following suggestion will make your life easy and make your house a wanna-be place. Furthermore, send an advance apologetic note if you are running late to the location of your commitment while admiring your place. 😉

Start With The Walls 

The walls are the most missed out things when you decide on the décor of your house. 

Therefore you should start with decorating the walls. 

There could be many options that you can avail of. In addition, to make the interior more attractive, you may use vibrant colors because if you use light colors, you will have to add more things to the walls. So the idea is to make the walls match the surroundings of the rooms.

Another way to make make your walls lively is by adding wallpaper. Being colorful and containing unique designs make them more attractive. Moreover, you have the option to use different wallpapers for different rooms. 

You can also hang more decorative items and family photos on plain walls to make them eye-catching. 

home decor wall ideas

Do Emphasis On Lighting 

Using natural light is an amazing idea, but the sun doesn’t stay out at night!

Therefore, you should never be short of using lights in your house. For example, you hold a get-together at your place, and guests find it difficult to enjoy the moment due to less light. Eventually, everything becomes dull. 

So manage appropriate lights inside your house. It would be best if you also look to add some decorative lamps. Apart from providing light, these lamps will also aid in decorating your house.  

Placing them in a suitable setting will allow you to have an attractive place. 

add elegant lights to your home

Add Rugs To Floor

The floor comes to mind when you wish not to leave any place while decorating. 

It is easy to miss it, but you shouldn’t leave it empty. Therefore, place a rug to cover this deficiency. 

Whether the floor is wooden or made of tiles, rugs will look equally beautiful. However, if you wish to have a vintage look on your house, you may try retro rugs. They are a combination of new and old styles and won’t look outdated. 

Your job isn’t don’t once you put a rug. So keep its tidiness in check. People will move on it with their shoes on, and it will get dirty in no time. 

Keep your vacuum cleaner ready to clean it, and do not let the stains get harder. 

Add Rugs To Floor

Ensure To Add Indoor Plants 

Adding indoor plants is simple yet most beautiful!

Therefore, you shouldn’t miss out on placing specific indoor green buddies. For example, you can plant hangers on the windows and try to manage pots to place bigger plants. 

Having a plant pot will allow you to keep the indoors clean. However, as the season changes, you must look after them to keep them lively for years. 

Add Indoor Plants in your home

Make An Attractive Curb Appeal 

An old saying is, “First impression is the last impression.”

It is true when you think about curb appeal. So don’t miss out on the decoration of the entry point of your house. 

Start with a catchy front door color. For this, you should choose bright colors. Next, adjust some hanging décor items, including plants and other decorative things. 

Also, look to attach a name plant beside the door and have plants around the fence of your house. 

Such things can make an amazing curb appeal; anyone visiting your house will have positive comments for you even before entering the house. 

decor your home with attractive curb appeal 
Cute American house exterior with covered porch and flower pots, grass filled front yard. Northwest, USA

Create Vibrant Ceilings 

The ceilings of your house shouldn’t be left alone. 

You can convert it into unique designs and add color to replicate your place’s complete surroundings. Each room can have its own design and color combination. 

For example, if your room has a wooden texture with similar floor and walls. The ceiling can have the same appeal. 

Paintwork can be done in a way to give you an exact match. 

modern home vibrant ceilings  

Place A Book Rack 

Some things go unnoticed but can create a huge impact.

A book rack is one of them. Depending upon its size, the house’s decor gets immensely improved with a bookrack. 

Experts suggest that you should place a bigger rack with the wall as it will cover up your decor efforts. 

Having books placed on the rack with different colors will make you look intellectual and add significance to the place. 

Place A Book Rack in your home


Home decor is tricky. Therefore you have be precise and follow proper guidelines when you decide to do it. Leaving too much or overdoing both patterns will make you place odd. Keep small things in check and follow a particular pattern when you decide on home decor.

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