Top Picks for the Best Plastic-Free Kitchen Faucets
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Top Picks for the Best Plastic-Free Kitchen Faucets

Dec 1, 2021

Modern kitchens are incomplete without stylish and practical kitchen faucets. You have a choice to select a fixture with fully metallic parts or some have plastic parts in it. Kitchen faucets without plastic parts are a little expensive but they last longer and hence save money in the long term.

Always invest your bucks wisely as most cheap fixtures have short life as well as you will have to spend more to fix plumbing issues like leakage or loose fitting of shank or cartridge. So pick the kitchen faucet that makes your chores easier besides enhancing the sink area with its stylish looks.

If you have a small kitchen sink then your requirement of a kitchen faucet will be entirely different from a bigger sink. But there are few elements that you should consider while picking the best faucet for your kitchen.
1. Pull down kitchen faucets offer more flexibility than traditional fixed taps.
2. Stainless steel and chrome finished taps are appropriate to use in a busy kitchen.
3. Cartridges of trending faucets allow mixing of hot and cold water control as well as open and close the pathway for the water.
4. Mounting of faucets must require minimum cutting in slab for installation.
5. Select a short-stem faucet for a small sink.
Although you have an open choice to pick any random kitchen tap at a relatively lower price from a hardware store. But later you will realize why branded faucets are charging little high price as they are offering warranty, customer services as well as you can get spare parts easily from the manufacturers. We have surveyed and brought you the best kitchen faucet without plastic parts to enhance your kitchen look. Do you want to know affordable kitchen faucets then click here

Moen 7545SRS Camerist One-Handle Pullout Kitchen Faucet

Brand Moen
Plug Profile Deck Mount
Material Metal
Finish Type Stainless
Handle Type Lever
Handle Material Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel
Spout Height 12 Inches
Handle Location Center

Moen 754SRS camerist faucet is a beauty to install in any kitchen. This fixture has all the features to fulfill the needs of any modern kitchen. This is one of the best kitchen faucet without plastic parts.

With minimalist design Moen has hit the nail right by making a stainless steel faucet with spot-resistant finish.

So no more soap or water marks as your sink area will look sparkling clean with a shiny kitchen faucet.

You will love a one-handle pullout faucet with reflex and power wash technology to make your food staple washing a breeze.

Be careful and don’t forget to put on your apron because more pressure means more spatter.  This faucet can project 1.5 gallon water per minute to save time.

Retractable pull-out spray wand smoothly set back at the original deck without much effort.

If you are searching for a compact design and easy to install faucet for your kitchen then you can definitely consider the Moen 754 SRS model as your favorite fixture.


Beautiful curved faucet.

Perfect for single or double sink usage.

Pull-out hose with two spray options.

Easy to install with one or 3 holes options.

Stain-resistant material.

Moen offers best customer services with lifetime warranty.


Little expensive.

No lock system to keep the extended hose in place.

DELTA Essa Pull down Kitchen Faucet

Plug Profile Deck Mount
Material Metal
Finish Type Arctic Stainless
Handle Type Lever
Spout Height 9 Inches
Spout Reach 9.5 Inches
Installation Method Deck Mounted

If your sink is more than 17 inches in dimension then you can easily go for high arch faucet for the kitchen. Great kitchen faucet without plastic parts.

Delta Essa pull-down 9113-AR-DST model faucet is a great kitchen fixture to make dish washing and cleaning a breeze with its convenient features.

Most pull-down faucet drop of from their original dock it does not settle properly on wand, but DetlaEssa has solved this problem with MagnaTite Docking.

A powerful magnet hold the spray head at its place and keep it from falling.

Delta Essa kitchen faucet is made to last longer than ordinary taps. With diamond seal technology this faucet can be categorized as a leak-free fixture for your kitchen.

Water runs through this tap at 1.8 gallons of water per minute. You can easily fill a bucket with a pull down hose of 9.5 inches.

Outer body of this faucet has an arctic stainless finish but few inner components are made of plastic.

In my opinion with assurance of lifetime warranty this faucet is worth trying with quite a reasonable price.


Single handle graceful pull-down faucet.

Very easy to install.

Diamond seal technology.

Made in the USA.

Packages include all necessary hardware with a special wrench.

Magnetic dock to hold the faucet.

Come with 3 other finishes.


Inner parts are made of plastic.

Not suitable for small sinks.

Moen 87233BL Adler Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Brand Moen
Finish Type Matte
Spout Height 14.6 Inches
Spout Reach 7.55 Inches
Number of Handles 1

Make your life easier in the kitchen with beauty on your sink as Moen 87233BL Adler faucet. We enlisted it at 3rd position in best kitchen faucet without plastic parts. This model will reinforce your belief in the quality products designed by the manufacturers. High-arc kitchen faucet is perfect for a large sink in the kitchen. Seamless faucet has a single-handle with a reflex self-retracting hose that automatically gets back to its deck.

Braided hose can reach up to 7.55 inches from any angle.

Adler pull-down kitchen faucets are available in 4 different finishes so you can find the exact match for your kitchen.

Installation is easy and you can directly fix it on the sink or countertop. An extra deck plate in the package also allows you 3-holes installation.

Save your time with power wash spray to knock off food from the plates within a few minutes.

For a practical kitchen Moen Adler pull down gooseneck faucet is a wise choice in terms of price, function and overall looks.


Quality kitchen faucet at reasonable price.

Smooth self-retracting hose.

Power wash spray head.

Easy installation with free basin wrench in the package.

14.6 Inches gooseneck is high enough to accommodate a tall jug under it.

Lifetime warranty.

Available in 4 different finishes.


Spray head is made of plastic.

American Standard 4175300F15.075 Colony Soft PULL-DOWN Kitchen Faucet

Brand American Standard
Material Stainless Steel
Handle Type Lever
Handle Material Stainless Steel
Spout Height 14.63 Inches
Handle Location Single-hole-deck-mount
Spout Reach 8.94 Inches
Installation Method Deck Mounted

American Standard stainless steel products are well known for their quality. And same is the case with 4175300F15.075 colony soft pull down kitchen faucet. This faucet is 100% drip-free due to the ceramic disc  valve cartridges and results in maintenance free performance in the kitchen. The 16.3 inches high-arc faucet has a pull down spray head with adjustable spray pattern and pause option. I had researched and put this faucet in my list of kitchen faucets without plastic parts.

American Standard kitchen faucet has the distinctive feature of memory position valving to adjust the temperature of water at your preferred level.

Some consumers find this faucet a little lenient as they find the water flow rate is slower than other modern taps.


But if you want to do your dishes with less splatter then it is an ideal kitchen faucet with reasonable pressure.


Sleek pull-down faucet with brass swivel spout.

Can be installed with or without escutcheon.

Drip-free faucet due to ceramic disc valving.

Single-hole deck mount.

Easy to install.

Limited lifetime warranty.



Reported water pressure issue.

Short connecting lines.

Spray head is metallic-coated plastic.


AtalawaTouchless Kitchen Sink Faucets Motion Wave Sensor

Brand Atalawa
Plug Profile Deck Mount
Material Lead-free brass interior + zinc body + stainless steel swivel spout + ABS spray head with POM added
Finish Type Chrome
Handle Type Lever
Handle Material Metal

You wish that someone would do you a favor by turning on the tap when your hands are all smeared with flour or after cutting poultry.

So you can upgrade your ordinary kitchen with Atalawatouchless kitchen faucet with sensor with additional pull-down spray head.

A motion infrared sensor detects the movement and makes your kitchen task much easier but it can work equally well as a manual faucet .

You just have to turn the knob to switch from touchless or manual operation of this tap.

This faucet is much more than just a tap as it has a lead-free ceramics cartridge and 3 filters to ensure that you get safe water without any impurities in it.

For maximum performance there is 18 inches pull down spray head that can rotate freely at 360 angles and for more maneuvering faucet shank as turn to any direction.

You have option to use just 1 or 3 holes installation. Unlike other spray head that use plastic nozzle

Atalawatouchless faucet has easy to clean rubber nozzle.  You will definitely love the convenience that come with a touchless faucet in your kitchen.


Stylish and oil rubbed bronze touchless faucet.

Nylon hose.

Auto shut off.  

Precise temperature control.

Hand-free or manual faucet.

Rubber spray-head.

Self-retracting aerator.

Spot-resistant material.

Made of lead-free material.

Sensor runs of AA batteries.

5 years of customer service.



VIGO VG02001CHK1 19" H Edison Single-Handle with Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet

If you want a faucet for a professional kitchen then VIGO 19 inches high Edison pull down spray is a fixture that you can try at a reasonable price while other commercial faucets almost cost over $500.

This faucet is made of high quality brass material protected with 7 layers to keep it from corrosion.

If you have tight space between sink and wall tile then you can rotate the faucet to  90° and bring it forward and easily secure the fixture.

VG02001CHK1 models also include the matching deck plate with the faucet so you have option 1 to 3-hole installation. Spray head can rotate 360° and cover all areas of any large sink easily.

A high quality disc cartridge offers drip-free operation for a long time.

If your kitchen has a minimalist theme then this faucet will not coordinate with the rest of the décor so choose something chic or compact faucet.


Commercial faucet under $200.

7 layered protected brass pull-down faucet.

Spray head with mineral deposit resistance.

Full metal construction.

1.8 gallons per minute water flow rate.

Easy to install high arch faucet.

Current models include matching deck plate.

Limited lifetime warranty.


Bulky design.

Reported pressure issues.


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