Tips For Finding And Repairing Mobile Home Roof Leaks

Living in a mobile home as a digital nomad can be one of the most spiritually and financially liberating modern lifestyles out there but practical concerns can still surface from time to time and create havoc. If your mobile home’s roof is leaking you are at risk of getting sick, having your few possessions damaged (especially technological devices and equipment) and it can make a small space unsafe in a short period of time. 

Find The Cause 

There are a few causes that can lead to mobile home roof leaks and you need to be aware of them to prevent the recurrence of such issues in the future. 

  • The monsoon season or excessive rain or snowfall can cause your mobile roof to become affected by standing moisture especially if you have not invested in a good-quality or sufficient drainage system. Rot, mold, rust, or disintegration can occur leading to cracks or holes developing in the weak points in the roof. 
  • If your mobile home exists in the wild or in a fairly remote location, small creatures and animals such as squirrels or mice can also play havoc with your roofing materials, gnawing at them or pulling apart shingles. 
  • Debris such as falling foliage or branches or other decomposing organic material can clog drainage systems causing water and sludge to build up on the roof ultimately damaging it. 
  • Since many mobile homes are a cross between contractor expertise and a DIY approach, certain essential exterior elements like chimneys or weatherproofing sheets might be poorly installed. 

Trace & Troubleshoot 

If you incorrectly trace the origin of the leak, you will continue to see problems even after carrying out repairs. An evaluation by a roof repair contractor can usually result in correct pinpointing of the origin so that the leak is dealt with properly instead of letting it worsen over time. Cracks and holes in the roof are sometimes not apparent without special lighting or tools. The point of impact may vary from the point of origin such as a burst pipe so it is always necessary to conduct a thorough search. 

Ascertaining the extent of the leak is the next step, sometimes there can be multiple leaks present such as from leaking HVAC units, poor plumbing, or a crack in the roofing materials used in the mobile home. Mobile homeowners should be proactive in having their roof, plumbing, and electrical supply professionally evaluated in the spring and summer seasons. 

DIY Roof Repairs 

If you have basic home improvement skills and tools, certain types of roof damage can be repaired without professional involvement. For a task such as impaired roof insulation, you will need a strong ladder to get safely up on the roof of your mobile home, galvanized metal sheets, roof coatings, gloves and other personal safety equipment, a hammer, screws, tape, a screwdriver, caulk and a tape measure for accuracy. When carrying out roof repairs of shingles you will need a matching shingle or roofing sheet to cover up the area that has been damaged after drying out all the moisture and cleaning away any corrosion or organic buildup. 

Choosing Practical Roofing Options 

Mobile homes differ from conventional houses and certain types of roofing materials are more suited to their structure. If your contractor advises a complete replacement of your roof due to an advanced leak then the following can make a worthwhile investment for your future in your mobile home. 

  • Seamed rubber roofs are excellent weatherproof and waterproof options for a mobile home. They can stop the possibility of mold, rust, or rot happening and can make water easily slide off. They offer wonderful insulation benefits as well due to their thickness and longevity. 
  • Galvanized metal roofs or corrugated metal roofs are sturdy and very cost-effective as any Gaithersburg roofer will tell you. Amongst the other types available, they can be installed without a contractor’s help with relatively basic home improvement tools. If your mobile home is parked in an area where there are adverse weather conditions frequently, then a metal roof can come in handy. Buying coated good quality metal roofing is very important otherwise rust and corrosion can be a problem if there is excess rain or poor drainage. 
  • A seamless roof of rubber is similar to the seamed version except the former has no seams and is a plain sheet of thick rubber. The function it performs is much the same and it can prove a great option for cheaply weatherproofing a mobile home unit. 

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