The Solution to Your Home’s Pollen and Outdoor Allergen Problems


There are many advantages to installing an HVAC system. A well-functioning HVAC system with a cleaned and unclogged air filter will help you to have a happy, healthy, and comfortable life. One of the main advantages of air filters is they help to remove pollen and other harmful particles, making sure to reduce your allergen problems.

How Air Filters Help to Remove Pollen and Allergen Problems

Help with Allergies

Air filters help to remove all the harmful particles and contaminants that are proven to cause allergic respiratory diseases. According to some randomized control trials conducted by specialized doctors, there is a direct correlation between a clean air filter functioning and reduced allergic symptoms. The patients who were kept in a good air-filtered environment improved their respiratory symptoms more quickly than the patients who were not kept in a good air-filtered environment.

According to the study, air filters with medical-grade purification technique helps to remove harmful particles in only thirty minutes. The air filters can usually remove particles ranging between .25 and 10 microns. Air filters work more efficiently if they are cleaned and replaced when needed. Ac Air filters are proven to remove dust mites, bacteria, viruses, and pollen.

Help with Pet Allergens

Pet allergens are one of the main causes of your allergy problems. If you have a pet at your home, you must take extra care to clean the pet dander. The easiest way is to install an HVAC system, which will help you to get rid of these pet allergens. Pet dander does not necessarily mean only fur. It also includes your pet’s shredded skin and saliva. Pet dander is usually very small and lightweight. If not cleaned for a long time, they can be accumulated in your home and induce allergic symptoms.

These pet allergens usually range around 2.5 microns. These particles are so small that you cannot see them with your naked eye. Installing an HVAC system at your home is the only way to get rid of these particles. According to some studies, an HVAC system is proven to remove 99.97% of harmful particles from the indoor air. Removing these particles is very important for your safety and comfort and for improving the allergic symptoms triggered by pet dander.

Help with Asthmatic Symptoms

There has been some evidence that shows that allergies can trigger asthmatic symptoms to a great extent leading to a moderate to severe asthmatic attack. Allergens that roam around your house cause 90% of asthmatic attacks in children. Allergens usually include pet dander, pollens, dust mite, bacteria, and viruses. These particles are so small in diameter that you cannot get rid of them on your own. You will need to install an HVAC system to remove these particles.

There are different types of air filters available for your purchase like 20x25x1 air filters, and 19.5×19.5×1 air filters or more. You can also custom made the filter according to your requirements with the help of Simply Filters or any air filters supplier. Installing an HVAC filter will not only give you comfort but will also reduce your allergen problems.¬†


A cleaned air filter can help you get rid of your allergy problems. Whether you have a pet dander allergy, dust mite allergy, pollen allergy, or any other kind of allergy, an air filter will help you to minimize your symptoms by removing harmful contaminants from your home. But you need to carefully choose an air filter that fits with your requirements. 

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