Neon Painting Ideas for the Home Interior ; let’s glow in the dark

Interior design can vary widely from one place to another depending on the preferences of the owners, architects, and interior designers. Nonetheless, trends can also encompass creative uses of neon as decoration. This article will explore unique neon painting ideas that can illuminate and enhance your room.

Why should you use neon painting ideas for your home?

Many interior designers recommend using bright colors in smaller spaces such as bathrooms and children’s rooms. However, with the right approach, these colors can also be used in living rooms and kitchens.

These colors are not chosen at random; they are chosen for their vibrancy. Neon furniture, artwork, and accessories can steal the spotlight just like a stunning party outfit worn when one desires to be the center of attention.

Undoubtedly, these neon painting ideas may be challenging and not suitable for everyone. However, it never hurts to try them out in one room of your home, such as the kitchen, living room, or bedroom. In these spaces, a variety of bold hues, including neon green and yellow, light teal blue, and fuchsia pink, are ready to amaze you with their striking brightness and unique personalities.

Neon Painting Ideas for the Home Interior

Why are neon colours in home design so eye-catching?

“Summer inspires us to incorporate bright colors in our interior design, giving our homes a fashionable and stylish feel. Neon art works best in dining areas and complements neutral decor. A combination of classic and modern designs reflects your bold and unapologetic personality to your guests.

Before decorating any area, consider experimenting with bright colors to break up monochrome patterns. Neon pinks can be used as artwork on screens or walls to enhance the ambiance of a space. Bachelor pads can use bright red accents for a macho and refined appearance. The pop of color creates an eclectic atmosphere in your living area.

When combined with neutral-colored furnishings, your home’s bold neon artwork-inspired wall will leave visitors in awe. Neon green painted on ceilings perfectly complements an all-white side wall, while neon blue adds uniqueness to the space. The striped effect using neon yellow and pink can transform the plain decor of your room.

Neon orange focal walls in your hallway create a striking contrast when paired with metallic artworks. This chic and contemporary loft lets the bright colors shine without going overboard.

Why are neon colours in home design so eye-catching

5 neon painting ideas for home décor & interior design:

Here are some neon painting ideas that you can use to enhance your home’s interior design:

1. Neon painting ideas for bedroom:

It is common to use bright colors in a child’s room. This approach works for both boys and girls and is justified as it helps stimulate their creativity.

If you’re looking for inspiration, starting with neon wall paint can be fantastic. This stunning hue can be applied beneath the loft bed and on one side of the wall, while leaving the rest with a lighter tone to balance it out. These colors can also be used on the walls of your child’s room, as children love bright colors and they can transform the overall look of the bedroom.

Neon painting ideas for bedroom

2. Neon wall and pattern flooring for the Dining area:

You can also use neon painting ideas to decorate your dining area, in addition to the bedroom and kitchen. For example, you can choose orange for the wall and patterned flooring from many color schemes, giving the space a minimalist feel.

To balance the aesthetic, you can add white to some items. However, you can also use any neon color with light-colored furniture. Adding some neon colors to your dining area can inspire your guests and create a lively atmosphere.

Neon wall and pattern flooring for the Dining area

3. Large strips of neon colour on the wall:

There are other easy neon painting ideas that you can use without repainting your entire wall a different color. One of these involves displaying broad strips, like the one in the image above.

You don’t have to follow the concept mentioned above entirely. However, if you want to enhance your daughter’s bedroom properly, you might consider using pink for the strips and adding a bright green standing cabinet.

For instance, if you’ve already painted your living room’s background a soft pink color, it’s time to paint the remaining components of your wall with green neon color to add a pop of brightness and energy to the space.

Large strips of neon colour on the wall

4. Draw some patterns on the wall:

It’s not necessary to experiment with brightly colored designs, but if you believe it would enhance the beauty of your bedroom, go ahead without hesitation.

Additionally, it’s a smart idea to keep your curtains simple yet in a complementary color since you’ve already created a focal point on your wall. This is done to avoid having a stuffy, claustrophobic room. You can create simple and decent patterns using various tools to add some texture and visual interest to your wall while still maintaining a clean and modern look.

Draw some patterns on the wall

5. Paint with neon green if you are in love with nature:

If you take some time to consider it, incorporating neon green into your space is more than just adding a pop of color. It also has a unique aesthetic that exudes warm, natural vibes.

To complement this natural aesthetic, consider displaying wall art featuring natural imagery, such as animals or plants. You could also incorporate 3D replicas of specific flowers, such as floor lamps, cushions, and even fake flowers to showcase your love for nature.

Paint with neon green if you are in love with nature


That’s right! Neon colors are making a comeback in interior design, and with the right approach, they can add a fun and stylish touch to any space. Whether you want to go all out with neon wall paint or simply incorporate neon accents through artwork and accessories, there are plenty of ways to embrace this bold trend. Just remember to balance it out with neutral or complementary colors and avoid going overboard to create a cohesive and visually appealing look.

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