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It’s the era of creativity. Everyone is exploring their artsy side by doing DIY projects. Some are creating exquisite portraits while others are discovering their creative soul through DIY home improvement projects. We endorse the idea of DIY and try to provide detailed instructions on DIY home enhancement ideas. However, you should be super-meticulous about your DIY projects. Why? Well, obviously, because you don’t have the professional skills and you can make some mistakes that may seem trivial at first but can truly sabotage the whole project after some time. 

Today we will discuss a similar case. 

You can conveniently install a bathroom shower screen on your own with a little professional assistance and an instructions guide. However, you can make some mistakes during the process. The mistakes are so small that you might overlook them during the installation. However, they can turn out to be huge blunders after some time. So, we will discuss these common mistakes to help you complete the task in the best possible manner. 

Being Extremist with the Shower Door Selection

shower door selection

Changing or installing a bathroom shower screen is one of the most common ideas that pop up in bathroom remodeling projects. The glass shower enclosure costs good money. However, there are some people who want to bring in elegance and class without spending the necessary money. Similarly, some would go overboard with the glass shower enclosure and spend too much on it. 

The Way Out!

Be reasonable with your investment in shower enclosures. Set a budget and do thorough market research. Define your requirements and find the latest deals offered by the fabricators. Check the customer reviews and feedback. Compare different deals with your budget and make the right choice.

Mistakes When Installing Shower Screen

Taking Incorrect Measurements

Taking incorrect measurements

Measurements are the key to buying the right shower door. And usually, it is the most common mistake that homeowners make. The difference of a single inch or even centimeter can make your shower door too loose or too tight to fit in. 

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Take the measurements accurately. Measure twice and cross-check the dimensions. The most reliable method is to hire a professional to take measurements for you. 

Inappropriate Installation Space

Inappropriate installation space

Choosing the right place to install the shower door is very important. Shower doors also require regular maintenance so it’s important to install the shower door in a space from where the shower doors are easily accessible for cleaning. Installing a glass shower enclosure next to the wall or tiles creates an uncleanable vacuum. Water sticks to the surface of the glass but it can’t be cleaned. And thus, water stains start showing up and the overall aesthetic appeal of the glass shower enclosure reduces. Mold and mildew can also grow in such a shower enclosure.

The Way Out!

Get recommendations from the professionals before installing the shower door. The experts will help you get rid of the gaps and uncleanable space by suggesting modifications. In this way, you can ditch the hard-to-reach spots altogether and install the shower door smartly. 

Wrong Shower Head Alignment 

Wrong shower head alignment

The wrong shower head alignment can truly mess up the shower doors over time. The water can enter the seams of the metal hinges with a shower head directed towards the shower door. The trapped water may result in rusting and damaging the shower doors. So be diligent about the showerhead alignment. 

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The high-end shower doors come with special vinyl seals and caulk joints to prevent the water from getting into the hinges. Employ these seals. Align the shower head towards the shower wall or glass panels. This arrangement will minimize the water getting into the gaps or door joints. 

Disregarding the Slope of the Shower Curb

Disregarding the slope of the shower curb

The shower curb slope is one of the most important considerations for keeping the water inside the shower area. An uneven or inclined slope can wet the whole bathroom floor with shower water. Moreover, there are more chances of slips and falls in the bathroom due to improper shower curb slope. The risks of mold and mildew growth also become higher.

The Way Out!

Make sure that the shower curb slope is not level. It shouldn’t slope away from the door towards the bathroom floor. The shower curb slope should always have an inclined surface towards the shower floor to keep the water inside the shower area. Get help from a professional if the shower curb slope doesn’t seem right to you.  

Negligence Towards Shower Door Bottom Seals 

Negligence towards shower door bottom seals

The water can easily find its way from the shower area to the bathroom floor if it is not restrained properly. Shower door bottom sweep are used for this purpose. However, the shower door sweep strips wear out after a certain amount of time. Not taking care of the shower door sweep seals can damage the shower door bottom. 

The Way Out!

Make sure to get quality shower door bottom sweep. How to replace shower door sweep and them with new ones, once they are damaged. Installing shower door bottom sweep are very easy to install and replace so you can conveniently do it on your own. 

Undue Shower Door Maintenance

Undue shower door maintenance

Everything requires proper maintenance to work correctly. Glass shower doors are highly durable but they can lose their visual appeal over the course of time if not properly maintained. The water stains and dirt can lower their shine and lessen their aesthetic value. 

The Way Out!

You guessed it right! Proper maintenance is the only way out. Make sure to clean the glass doors regularly. Cleaning the glass shower doors is very easy. All you need is a clean cloth and soap water. You can effectively increase the service life of the glass shower doors by simply maintaining them properly. 

Some Final Words!

Installing the shower door on your own is a big achievement. You can do it. Just make sure to do it right. Do some research, get some expert recommendations and get right into it!

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