HVAC Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid: Tips from HVAC Experts

Regular HVAC system maintenance is a must if you want the system to work properly and have a long lifespan. But even if you regularly check out the system, there can be some maintenance mistakes that you might make if you are not aware of them. You can save a lot of time and money by avoiding these mistakes. 

HVAC Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

There are some HVAC maintenance mistakes that you must avoid to ensure the HVAC system at your home is working properly. Some of the mistakes are given below:

Not Knowing Your HVAC Unit

There are many homeowners who have been using an HVAC system in their households for so many years. Yet, they think knowing more about their HVAC unit is unnecessary. They just learn to change the temperature and turn the system off if necessary. But it’s one of the major HVAC maintenance mistakes you can make. You must take some time to read the manual of the HVAC system to detect any potential problem it may cause.

You should at least know the basic features and functions of the HVAC system installed at your home. We don’t expect you to become an expert, but you should have some idea about what’s happening in the HVAC unit and when it’s time to replace the air filters. You can avoid many expensive repairs if you can detect the problems earlier. Contact HVAC Maintenance Services or Commercial HVAC Services if you detect any kind of abnormal function within your HVAC unit.

Failure to Schedule an HVAC Maintenance Regularly

One of the common HVAC maintenance mistakes you can make is failing to schedule regular maintenance. You should not wait for your HVAC system to have some problem or to shut down totally. If you regularly check out the system for any problem, there is a better chance to detect any potential problem before it’s too late. By regularly checking the system, we mean cleaning and replacing the air filters, checking if the HVAC system is too hot or cold, and so on.

You must take your HVAC unit to the servicing center at least once a year. According to the recommendation of the experts, the system should be checked once in the fall and spring. Regular maintenance not only helps you to detect any problem, but it also helps to increase the average lifespan of the system. You can also seek help from Commercial HVAC Maintenance in NYC for experts’ opinions on HVAC maintenance.

Not Seeking Help from Experts

You may know a lot about the HVAC system, but you should not take the responsibility of maintaining the unit all by yourself. It’s important to seek experts’ help to ensure the system is working properly. 

There are many problems regarding the HVAC unit that you may not detect as you are not a professional technician. Only expert eyes can detect potential problems. For example, you must seek a technician’s help to install new air filters.

Not Changing Air Filters

You must change the air filters of the HVAC system regularly. If the air filters are dirty and clogged, it would cause the HVAC system to stop functioning as it should. You must check if the air filters are cleaned or not. You can clean them yourself or ask for some professional help. Feel Free to contact Interstate Air Conditioning and Heating to check for the need for filter replacement. 


As you are not a professional expert in HVAC systems, there are many things that you might know about the unit. Firstly, you should get to know the basic functions of the system. Then you should regularly check out the unit for any problem. Finally, you should seek professional help from time to time to avoid any serious problems. 

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