How to remove price Pfister kitchen faucet?

How to remove the price Pfister kitchen faucet? an important question if you wanna replace the faucet. Yes, removing the faucet is a headache for most of us because of our inexpertise in this field. But hiring a plumber to do that is so expensive that it may cost $500 or more. No matter which faucet brand you have in your kitchen and bathroom, the removal procedure is almost the same for everyone. But removing a price Pfister kitchen faucet is somehow different, especially when you have a price Pfister pull-down spout or sprayer faucet. 

Price Pfister is not a new company. It has existed since 1910, and since 2010 the Price has been gone. Now it is known as Pfister. What I like about this company is its video for every faucet model installation, as we see that faucet removal is the opposite of faucet installation. So, that video helps us a lot during faucet removal. 

Where do you find the video? Yes, you need to visit their official website. Before it, you should have the faucet model number. The faucet model number will be on manual instruction or packaging. 

Price Pfister replacement parts

Yes, you want to remove the faucet because of its non-functioning parts. So, instead of removing the faucet, you should consider replacing the faucet parts. All faucet parts are available in nearby plumbing stores or on online marketplaces like Amazon. 

Pfister is known for their faucets. They are suppliers of various products, including parts for sinks. However, none of the components is anything you haven’t seen before. You’ll likely have to unscrew a retaining nut to remove your Pfister faucet. When the nut is frozen with corrosion, the procedure will get complicated.

You probably already have the toolbox containing the tools you need to open the faucet. If you don’t have the toolbox, you should have a basin wrench and locking pliers with a hacksaw. 


As we know that no matter whether the faucet is a single handle or a double handle. The removal process is the same as the installation process. And all models have almost the same faucet removal process. It is not possible here to talk about all models. We will talk about the Price Pfister single-handle faucet removal process. You can then apply this same process to remove other models as well. 

 Remove a Price Pfister single-handle faucet. 

Empty your sink cabinet before you start the job of removing the faucet. This will make it easier for you to work. You will have space to work with, and you’ll be able to continue working correctly. You don’t need to remove P-trap before starting working because it doesn’t have to do anything with the faucet, but if you do, it will allow you an additional benefit.

Now let we talk about step by step process to get started.

Disconnect the water supply 

As we know, the kitchen or bathroom faucet always connects with the water supply line. So, before starting your job, you need to turn off the water supply. Not only turn off the water supply, but you also need to discount the water line at the faucet end. This will help you to save water from water loss during this process. 

Remove the handle and the handle hub.

 After disconnecting the water supply, the next step is to remove the handle. You depend upon the model if the open is placed right behind the handle. The opening will be like a screw. You have to take a small wrench to open that screw. In the case of the handle hub, you will not see the screw and don’t need the wrench to remove it. Your handle is enough to do that. It would help if you turned the handle hub clockwise, and you will have it. May you need to put a slight pressure to apply. Make sure to avoid the high pressure because it can cause damage. 

Disconnect the water line

You can disconnect the power and the cartridge by moving the counter under the handle.

You should ensure that you have a bucket below the faucet to collect the leaking water, as you will need it later.

With this, you don’t have to pull out the entire washer when you’re done. You can now use an adjustable wrench to remove the screw.

 Handle mounting hardware

What is the work of the mounting hardware? They are essential to secure the valve and place it on the counter shelf. After discounting the water line, you need to remove the handle mounting hardware. To remove the hardware, you need to have the tools. Most of the time toolbox comes with Price Pfister set as they are made to install or remove the faucet. But in case you don’t have the toolbox that comes with Price Pfister, then you can use the adjustable wrench for this. 

Remove valve bodies with spouts.

You do not require tools to detach the valve bodies from the spout. Locate where the Y-shaped item is present. You must begin with the reduced side at this point, where both main supply lines are in the link. Now put the pressure on the pipe by removing each component by pressing the tabs.

At the following action, the Y-shaped connector is gotten rid of from the spout by pressing the whole item as well as by pushing down the tinted ring on the upper side of the Y. Currently, draw the entire write-up from the down instructions in the direction of the bottom of the countertop.

This is known as the compression sort of link. It would help if you release stress and allow the coloured ring to detach the piece by applying a push on the component.

Remove spout mounting hardware.

Here this can be a challenging step. It would help if you used the tool that comes with Price Pfister because they are entirely designed for this purpose, but in case you don’t have those, then you can work with a simple adjustable wrench available in every house.

To remove the spout mounting hardware, you should first disengage the quick connect, Then turn the tools in an anti-clockwise direction to complete this process.


Finally, remove the faucet.

After all the steps you have followed with us, now you are at the position where you can remove the faucet from the Deck. As you have removed all the lines, handles, and spout, you are ready to have your product in hand.

Lastly, if you want to repair any of the parts or replace the region, then after repairing and replacing, you need to follow all the steps in a reverse manner to install the faucet. This is because the installation and removal are reversed from each other. 


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In this article, we had talk about how to remove Price Pfister kitchen faucet. The faucet removal and installation are removed from each other. If you have price Pfister then this article will help you a lot.

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