Hinge Measurements: How to measure door hinges

Door hinges play an important role in door adjustment. Basically door hinges are the door’s pivot point for opening and closing, and the hardware used to fasten a door to its frame. So, if you are thinking of replacing door hinges but have no idea how to measure door hinges?

Basically, choosing the proper size is necessary when replacing door hinges. No matter if you’re replacing the hinges on a door that has been in the house since it was built or one that was added during recent renovations, if the hinge size is incorrect, the door won’t open or close properly.

So in this article, we discuss how to measure door hinges and what tools we are using for measurements.

Tools to Measure Door Hinges

Plenty of tools for measuring the door hinges. Some of them are given below:

  • flat-head screwdrivers
  • knife
  • Paint
  • Measuring tape
  • Screws
  • Pencil
  • Protective eyewear, gloves, & closed-toe shoes

These are necessary to get help while performing the measuring process. Before starting the measuring process, keep in mind that you are well protected. Don’t forget to wear gloves and boots and cover your eyes while drilling the hole. Also, wear a long sleeve shirt to protect your arms and hands.

Choosing the Ideal Size of Door Hinges

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to door hinges. Several variables affect size, including the dimensions of the door, its length, width, and radius, the second thing to remember is what materials are used for the door that is made up of and how it is constructed. Also, determine the door’s suspended weight. These are the few factors to remember before measuring for hinge sizes.

Before installing the door hinge you should know the actual size of the hinge for the door. Hinge size matters because You won’t ever be able to install a door that works properly without that measurement and size.

Hinges are available in a variety of sizes. Hinge size is important and choosing the right one for your door is critical. So think before buying the hinge how much do you want for your door and what’s the ideal size of the hinge?

Something strong will be required to connect the hinge to the door and that is the frame. The door’s weight is meant to be supported by the frame. The hinge is, therefore, in essence, equally as significant as the frame.

Normally, You need to use one hinge for every 30 inches of door height. For example:

For 60 inches tall doors, two hinges are used and for between 60 to 90 inches long doors you have to use 3 standard door hinges. For this purpose, first, you have to determine the size of the door.

How to measure door hinges: Some Useful steps

Remove the middle Hinge, measure Distance, Height and Hinges corner Radius. By these step-by-step instructions, you will find how to measure door hinges. These steps will help you to install the door hinge easily

Step 1: Removing The Middle Hinge of the Door

A hinge cannot be accurately measured while it is still attached to a door. So, you have to remove the hinge from the screwdriver. The middle hinge is removed first from the door then unscrew the remaining hinges. If the hinge remains stuck even after the screws have been taken out, score around the edges with your utility knife.

Step2: Measure The Distance of the Hinge Parts

Now, you have to measure the distance of the hinge parts. If you measure from measuring tape then stretch the tape from the center to the other end of the hinge for width measurement. When the hinge is split widely, you can measure both widths as one to get the ordering width.

Step 3: Measure The Height Hinge

Now it’s time to measure the height of the hinge. For height measurement, place the measuring tape parallel to the hinge side and measure the height from top to bottom. But you may need to use hinges that are 4, 5, or even 6 inches long if the door is taller or heavier than usual.

Step 4: Measure Hinges Corner Radius 

The next step is to Determine the distance between the straightedge’s bottom and the bottom of the radius. For correct measurement of radius, lay your hinge flat and place the dime or coin on both corners and confirm which coin fits better to determine the radius. Probably you have a rounded corner of ¼ inch and if you use quarters then the corner is rounded by 5/8 inches.

Bottom Line

While it’s important to have the proper measurements when repairing or replacing a door hinge, make a note of the required hinge’s radius, width, and height. These measurements can be used to select a hinge that will securely fit into the existing door and socket.

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