How to Interpret Porch Light Colors: A Guide to Blue, Orange, Purple, Red, Green, and Pink Lights

Colors are an effective tool for communication, as they convey signals, influence moods, and have physiological effects. People are becoming more attuned to the power of colors, and this is evident in the use of porch light colors.

Traditionally, most people have used a yellow or pale-yellow porch light color. However, now people are assigning different colors to signify specific days or events. By changing the color of their porch light, they can display their support or participation in these occasions. These porch light colors have their own advantages and effectiveness.

In this article, we will provide detailed information about porch lights and porch light colors.

Porch Lights

Porch lights can be a valuable tool for home security. With the use of a single porch light, you can achieve smart and automatic home security with a high level of control and safety. Nowadays, there are digital porch lights available on the market that can be controlled by a monitor inside the house. These lights have a variety of uses and can be adapted to suit different situations.

Porch Lights

What Should be Size Of Front Porch Light

Porch lights are available in various sizes on the market. The average size of a front porch light is about 7 inches wide, which is suitable for doors that are between 6 to 7 feet tall. If your door is 8 feet tall, you should choose a larger size. The most common size for porch lights is about 11 inches wide.

Decoding the Meaning of Porch Light Colors

Most porch lights emit a pale yellow color, but that is not the only option available. With the abundance of new creations and inventions in the market, there are now many different porch light colors to choose from. Have you ever wondered about the meaning behind porch light colors such as blue, orange, purple, red, green, and pink?

Indeed, each porch light color has a specific meaning based on its color, as the color of light can impact our state of mind. The selection of porch light and its color is up to you and your needs. While many people opt for soft white or yellow for their high visibility and brightness, you can choose a color that suits your mood or conveys a specific message.

In this article, we will explore the hidden meanings behind standard porch light colors.


Blue porch lights serve two main purposes and can be used for these two reasons.

Firstly, in 2007, blue was selected as the color to spread awareness about Autism by the United Nations General Assembly. As April 2nd is recognized as World Autism Awareness Day, you may see blue porch lights in your streets to raise awareness about autism. Many people turn on their blue porch lights during the entire month of April to show support for autism awareness.

Secondly, blue porch lights are also a symbol of solidarity with the police and their loved ones. By using blue porch lights, people can show their strong support for the police force in their town or city.

If you see your neighbors turning on their blue porch lights, do not be surprised. You can also join in by turning on your blue porch light, either to show respect for your local police officers or to spread awareness about autism.



Orange porch lights are often used to welcome guests, as they represent a friendly and inviting atmosphere. If you are expecting special guests at night, you may choose to use an orange porch light to make them feel welcome. Additionally, orange porch lights provide a bright and intense light that can help guide guests safely to your door.

In 2017, the people of Delphi city also turned their porch lights to orange to support justice. The entire city of Delphi illuminated their porch lights in orange to show support for the police in capturing a murderer.


Purple porch lights have become very common since 2007 as they represent awareness about domestic violence. Therefore, they are used to spread awareness against domestic abuse. These lights were first used in Washington under the supervision of the Domestic Taskforce for domestic violence awareness. They started a campaign called “Purple Nights” where people turn on their purple porch lights for the entire night.

Every year in October, people turn on their purple porch lights for domestic violence awareness. These porch lights also represent solidarity with the victims and survivors of domestic abuse.


Red porch lights are used to represent several events throughout the year. In February, red porch lights not only signify the celebration of Valentine’s Day but also the participation in heart health awareness.

If red porch lights are switched on during October, it represents Halloween. In 2016, turning on the red porch lights indicated that the homeowner did not have any guns in their home during the peak of gun control discussions in the United States.

It is also believed that warm red lights on the porch are helpful in gardens and contribute to the growth of plants. Some people may switch their red porch lights to indicate whether drugs are available or ready.


Every year on November 11th, US residents honor Veterans Day. On that day, you may see green porch lights in your neighborhood. Some people even keep the green lights on throughout the entire month.

In March, green porch lights are used to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Two months later, in May, green porch lights are turned on to raise awareness for Lyme Disease. While this campaign of green porch lights is not a national occurrence, it is recognized worldwide as a sign of spiritual awareness and awareness for an incurable disease.

The practice of turning on green porch lights for Lyme Disease Awareness in May is most consistently observed in the UK and US, among other countries.



Pink is often associated with a calming effect, but pink porch lights can have a different meaning. In New York, pink lights on the porch are used to comfort and support children with severe Leukemia.

In 2016, people in Nebraska turned on their pink porch lights to remember the six family members who died in a house fire.

Pink porch lights can also be used as accent lights for the garden.

Blinking Lights

Blinking porch lights indicate an emergency and are used to alert neighbors or emergency services for help. If you notice a neighbor’s porch light is blinking, it is important to check on them to see if they require assistance. Blinking porch lights can also be used to guide emergency responders such as ambulance and firefighters to a specific location quickly.

This can be especially helpful if the residence is difficult to find or locate in the dark. In addition to porch lights, emergency vehicles also use blinking lights to alert other drivers of their presence and to signal their need for right of way.

Blinking Lights

When Should You Turn On Your Porch Lights

Here, we will discuss the situations when it is necessary to turn on the porch lights.

At Night

It is recommended to turn on the porch lights at night as it confirms your presence at home, which can deter burglars. The porch light also acts as a spotlight on the front door, providing visibility for those approaching. Additionally, it allows you to easily see who is coming through the window.

When Nobody Without Kids

It is advisable to turn on the porch light when you step out in the evening and leave the children at home. It can help prevent the children from getting scared by unfamiliar shadows, and it creates the illusion that there are multiple people at home, which can deter potential intruders.

When You Late To Reaching Home

Leaving your porch light on can be helpful for those coming home late at night as it provides better visibility to find and unlock the door safely. Porch lights have multiple uses and can be varied depending on the situation.

When Is the Right Time to Turn Off Your Porch Lights

Sure, here are some situations when you may need to switch off the porch lights

In Vacations

If you go on vacation, it is recommended to turn off your porch light. Alternatively, you could ask a trusted neighbor to turn it on at a specific time to create the appearance that someone is still at home. This can deter burglars who may target homes that appear to be empty. Turning off the porch light can also save energy and lower your electricity bill.

While Sleeping

It is appropriate to switch off the porch lights when going to bed as it can help save energy and reduce electricity bills. By turning off the lights, you also minimize light pollution that may affect the environment and wildlife.

Additionally, regularly turning on and off the porch lights can indicate your presence at home, which may be useful for security purposes. Installing lights with motion sensors can provide an automated solution to turn on and off the lights as needed, without the need for manual intervention.

In Rural Areas

If you live in rural areas with low crime rates, it is recommended to turn off your porch lights to avoid light pollution and to save energy. However, if you have installed motion sensor lights, it can provide additional security and give you more time to call the police in case of any suspicious activity. It is important to strike a balance between energy conservation and security needs.

in rural areas

Last Thoughts

In summary, it is important to recognize the significance of different porch light colors, as they can convey additional messages and represent various situations. Considering the effect that colors can have on our state of mind, it is crucial to select the appropriate porch light color.

Porch lights have various meanings in our lives, making them a colorful and meaningful addition to our homes. Therefore, when changing your porch light’s LED color, it is advisable to think carefully about the message and meaning conveyed by each color. You can also collect LEDs of different colors to easily switch them when needed.

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