9 Ways to Incorporate Natural Light Into Your Home

In building your home, a lot has to be considered. Homeowners take into consideration the tiles to be used on their floors, the placement of furniture, the color scheme of the walls, the theme for each bedroom, and many more. 

One thing that they should also consider but sometimes fail to consider is the natural lighting. Natural lighting brings colors inside your home that artificial lighting cannot. If you want your home to be well-lit from natural sources, then this article is for you. 

Let this be the start of a journey to a more naturally well-lit home. 

1. Ceiling Eaves Should Be Painted or Cleaned

Painting anything white is one of the most known ways to bring in natural light and create a brighter atmosphere for your house. 

For the natural light to come in, you can consider painting your eaves white. It is okay if the color of your house is a color other than white as long as the eaves of the ceiling are white; it can brighten your home. 

If you do not want to paint your eaves white or do not as the effort painting requires, you can always clean your eaves and roofs for a brighter finish to your home. 

2. Install Glass and Add Shiny Objects 

Install Glass and Add Shiny Objects 
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Mirrors have a lot of benefits for your home. Aside from mirrors making a space appear bigger, they can also increase the amount of natural light you are getting because they can also serve as reflectors. 

Besides mirrors, items like 

  • silver photo frames 
  • furniture with glasses, such as tables 
  • walls with metallic finishing 

It can allow sunlight to bounce, causing more light to come in and making your home brighter. 

3. Get Wider Doors and Windows

If you have wanted to get a new window or door, this is now your chance. Getting replacement windows will give way to more natural light. 

Windows for replacement have come a long way. The changes and advances in its manufacturing now allow you to lessen the framework, making more room for glass in your windows. 

You can buy ready-made windows from furniture, or you can also have your windows custom-made by window replacement companies. You need to get the estimate for the cost and tell the company that you want a lesser framework for tour windows. 

The process continues beyond there. After replacing your windows, you must now make it a habit to clean your windows regularly. 

You might think that cleaning does not do anything. The built-up dirt and dust could hinder the window from reflecting as much light as possible.

Cleaning your windows regularly can maximize the reflecting factors of the glass in your mirrors. 

4. Make Your Exterior Green 

The tips above focused on the interior, and there are ways for natural light to come in with the use of the exterior of your house. 

If your exterior is too crowded, then little light would come in, and the efforts to renovate your interior for more light would be in vain. 

What you can do is bring green into your backyard or exterior. It would be nice to have plants to attract more light. 

Aside from bringing plants, you examine your exterior and see if the plants you have are tall. It would help light to come in when you trim bushes and trees that you have on the exterior of your home.

5. Make Interior a Gateway

Skylights are a great way to let direct sunlight into your house. The installation, however, requires the help of a professional. 

Skylights are put in rooms with high ceilings, such as bathrooms. You can open the skylight during the daytime to let the sunlight in. 

If the installation of skylights can be a bit expensive for you, you can opt for solar tubes instead. They are great alternatives for skylights, but they serve the same purpose. 

6. Glass Tiles for Your Flooring 

The same can be applied to glass tiles if additional mirrors reflect sunlight. When you install glass tiles in the most convenient places in your house, they can 100% reflect sunlight. 

You can also opt for metallic backsplash tiles for maximum reflection. You may not always notice it, but changing the flooring could make a difference in bringing light into your home.

7. Check to See if Oversized Furniture Can Be Put Away

If you have already cleaned your windows or added mirrors, but the situation did not seem to change, look at the arrangement of your furniture. 

Large and boxy furniture could block the entry of sunlight into your home. If you use furniture like this, then it would be helpful if you assess the furniture arrangement and decide where large furniture would fit best.

8. Avoid Velvet as Window Covers

After home window replacement or the cleaning of your windows, you should use light window covers. You can opt for blinds and curtains, which are made of light materials. 

You should avoid thick and heavy materials like velvet. This is because when you use a thick curtain, you can block the sunlight from your window. Blinds are a nice solution as you can roll them up, and you can use curtains that have hooks so you can maneuver how much the curtain can cover.

9. Give Your Walls Mirror-Like Effect With Glossy Paint

We all are now aware that glossy and shiny things can reflect sunlight. You can take it to the next level by giving your wall that mirror-like effect. The higher the gloss level used in your indoor paint, the more light they’ll be able to bounce inside the house. 

A little caution with using glossy paint is that the higher the gloss level means more glare from the light. This is why you should plan carefully what walls and rooms to paint in glossy paint. 


If you are starting to build your home, you should not forget to include the amount of sunlight that could pass through your home. This is because sunlight has a lot of benefits. 

When your home has a sufficient amount of sunlight, it can brighten the overall atmosphere of your house.

Do not worry if your home does not receive enough sunlight. With a little effort and rearranging of pieces of furniture, your home will become well-lit.

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