How to Get Something That Fell Down the Sink Drain

How to Get Something That Fell Down the Sink Drain

Mar 11, 2024

Everyone fears losing their favorite items or just about any item. The impact can be stronger if you accidentally lose something inside your home. You may already have started imagining the different scenarios. But don’t go too far. Suppose you stand right in front of the sink while cleaning your makeup or talking to someone on the phone. Simultaneously, you remove your jewelry, which can be a ring or earring to protect it from water, and it slips into the drain because of its tiny size. You may think you will never find it again. But what if someone said there is a way to get it back? You can feel relieved a bit.

Whether you installed a new bath sink recently or it’s an old fitting, your thing can land in the p-trap, punctuating the area between the wall and fixture. So, it can be a good idea to open the drain plug and p-trap. Let’s explore this process.  

Check the p-trap

Turn off the tap quickly when something slips down the drain. Switch off the hot and cold valves beneath the sink. Make sure this area is clear for you to work smoothly. If you have a bucket, keep it close to the drain pipe, as the p-trap can have sludgy surprises. You can find the p-trap close to the drain attachment below. Because this part resembles the letter ‘p,’ you can identify it quickly. It can be steel or PVC material with two joints having a 90-degree angle: one will connect with the sink basin from below, and the other will attach to the sewer line through the wall. There will also be an overflow pipe in U-shape. The tube can have a water seal to block sewer gas’s entry into your home. The water passes through this system from the sink and doesn’t come back.

Open the drain plug

Before tackling the overflow pipe, you want to remove the drain stopper. Pull up the plunger at the back of the faucet to close the plug and search for the plug connector arm. It will be horizontal design under the sink on top of the 90-degree angle connecting point at the back. Look at the metal rod that extends from the p-trap. Take out that connector rod by loosening the nut. Remove the plunger clip that joins the sink plunger and the rod, and after the plunger is out, you can slide the retaining rod back to free the drain plug. Keep a bucket handy to stop water from spreading on the floor. You can open the drain plug from the sinkhole.

Pick your item

The drain plug opening can lead you to the drain to recover your lost ring or earring. Use a grasping tool to catch hold of it. You may have to deal with slime or trapped hair when doing this. So, stay prepared. If you get the item back, you can put the drain plug back and check how it behaves. It should sit tight in the drain hole and open and close smoothly. It would be best to fix the plunger clip as well. However, the item can be somewhere in the overflow pipe if you can’t find it here. So, wait for your item before fitting the drain plug. Since it involves dealing with the p-trap now, get ready to face some grime. You will want to detach and clean it.

Reach out to the slip nuts that attach the overflow pipe to the joints at a 90-degree angle. The slip nuts keep the overflow pipe in place. Keep your bucket close to capture the filth before it flows down and spoils the floor. Although most PVC nuts are easy to open by hand, some may require pliers. Handle these gently to avoid damaging the nuts. Unscrew the nuts a little, and then use your hand to detach them. You can tilt the overflow pipe to empty all the contents in the bucket. They can have your ring or earring. Search for it in the bucket. Once you retrieve your object, you can cleanse the overflow pipe to unclog it and allow it to drain water smoothly. 

Make sure to fit the pipe back into place with the slip nuts sitting snugly. Connect the plunger with the retaining rod and return it to its original position. After completing the task, run water in the sink to check for leakage around the drain hole or p-trap. Leaks can happen when slip nuts are not tight. You can also apply plumbers’ tape to cover the joint. It can also take care of leaks.

A point or two to remember!

The chances of getting your item back are high. If you don’t find it, don’t panic. You can fall back on your local plumber for assistance. Or, you can directly reach out to them, especially if your bathroom sink is new. They will take care of the fixture, find your object, and put things together in their original position. It will have a cost, but not so high that you will lose your goodnight’s sleep. And if it still pinches you, the joy of finding your thing will compensate.

You get many good designs in modern sinks on the market. Choose a trusted brand because they use quality components to make your experience most satisfying as a consumer. If the height is not an issue, you can opt for over-the-counter models. The sleekness, material choice, and color schemes can pleasantly surprise you. However, an under mount sink can be much better for the kid’s bathroom. They can reach it more conveniently. Also, consider the basin shape. Rectangular and square create a streamlined look, while round models make everything look more sophisticated.

If you worry about your budget, it shouldn’t be a concern. You get quality options in different price ranges. So, focus on a variety that looks both functional and aesthetic and enjoy its presence. And as a lesson, avoid removing your precious jewelry from the sink. It can be risky!

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