How to Get Bad Neighbours to Move?

Nobody enjoys having bad neighbours. They can be annoying, unpleasant, and difficult to manage. Those who have experienced living next to such neighbours and their disruptive behaviour understand how frustrating it can be. Usually, people tolerate this behaviour because they don’t want to deal with the hassle of asking their neighbours to move. So, let’s explore how to persuade bad neighbours to relocate.

If you are experiencing a similar issue, do not worry, as you are not alone in facing this problem. You have the right to take action and request that your neighbours relocate, whether they reside next door, across the street, or in the same building.

The appropriate plan of action should be determined by the degree of disturbance caused by your neighbour, and it is important to ensure that all actions taken are within the bounds of the law.

This article offers practical and legal strategies that you can employ to address the behaviour of uncooperative and unpleasant neighbours. Let us get started!

How to Get Bad Neighbours to Move

How to get rid of bad neighbours?

If your neighbours are behaving in a nasty and disrespectful manner, they will continue to bother you. It is not inappropriate to employ certain measures to seek retribution. If an unpleasant neighbour persists in making noise and causing annoyance, it may be more effective to explore alternative means of seeking retribution rather than expending time and effort on futile requests and threats.

Although it is rare, there may be instances when your neighbours can become an unbearable annoyance and you may have to take measures to compel them to vacate the premises. The appropriate course of action to be taken in such situations is outlined as follows:

get rid from bad neighbours

Roast a Pig:

The strong aroma of the delicious meal can distract anyone, whether they are working, sleeping, reading, or watching a TV show. While this is an excellent way to enjoy your food, it may cause inconvenience to your neighbours during holidays, although it should not be a daily occurrence. As a result, your neighbours may feel bothered by the smell and may be unable to prevent it.

Roast a Pig

Use Free Internet:

Have you ever used someone else’s Wi-Fi to browse the internet? Do you currently have an active internet connection? Some people either dislike or lack the knowledge necessary to secure their Wi-Fi. If your neighbour also has an open and unsecured Wi-Fi connection, which is accessible to everyone, you may consider using it to save money. However, it is important to note that using someone else’s Wi-Fi without their permission is illegal and unethical. It is recommended that you protect your own Wi-Fi network and respect the privacy of others.

Use Free Internet

Play Loud Music:

Imagine someone practising their karaoke, stereo, or other musical instruments loudly while you are trying to sleep. This can be highly irritating and disrupt your sleep. If your neighbour is being rude and unpleasant to you in this way, it is advisable to respond in kind. It is even more effective if you are not a professional musician or singer. Use this tactic when your neighbour is either at work or asleep.

Play Loud Music

Borrow The Paper:

Are you aware that over 73% of Americans spend 16.2 minutes reading the newspaper every day? If your neighbour has the habit of reading the newspaper regularly, you can play a prank on them by borrowing their newspaper on holidays without prior notice. After reading it, attach a note of apology and leave it at your neighbour’s door.

Borrow The Paper

How to annoy your neighbour?

If you wish to take it up a notch, attempt to do something that would make your neighbours contemplate moving. However, please keep in mind that all of these suggestions are meant to be taken in good humour.

To attract wildlife, one should not leave food in their backyard. This may encourage animals to enter the neighbouring yard by creating a hole in the fence.

Similarly, throwing leftovers into their yard is not recommended as it could not only be difficult to clean up but may also attract more wild creatures to the area.

It is not appropriate to disturb the peace of one’s neighbourhood by allowing a child to practise drums all day long outside or keeping windows open.

Hanging wind chimes on the outside of one’s home can also be a disturbance and take away from the peaceful environment of the neighbourhood.

Furthermore, it is not acceptable to play scary music with the intention of making neighbours believe their home is haunted.

 annoy your neighbour

How to get rid of bad neighbours legally?

Something is wrong if you have done everything and your neighbour is still bothering you.

Speak with other neighbours:

Speak with other neighbours who are also opposed to them.

Determine if they have encountered any legal disputes or issues involving law enforcement.

speak with neighbour

Make a petition:

Disseminate a petition asking them to vacate the premises. If they are truly causing problems, most individuals will be willing to sign it. Even a small number of signatures will suffice, requiring no more than the participation of nearby residents.

Make a petition

Talk to the landlord:

Deliver the evidence you have gathered to your neighbour’s landlord or HOA. Many communities have protections in place for their residents. Depending on the severity of the issues, the evidence you have collected may be sufficient to initiate an eviction.

Talk to the landlord

Talk to the management:

If this approach does not work, you may want to check if there are any “nuisance neighbour” laws in your area. Although rare, in some jurisdictions, a neighbour who has been found guilty of a specific nuisance infraction can be removed by their fellow neighbours. To achieve this, you may need to collectively engage a lawyer.

Talk to the management

Bring A Lawsuit:

Are they making a lot of noise? Although it is not ideal, it is manageable. If the noise persists beyond acceptable levels, you could consider taking legal action to compel them to modify their behaviour, as there are strict regulations in place regarding noise levels.

Bring A Lawsuit


We have mentioned various methods for eliminating annoying, uncooperative, and terrible neighbours. While you may initially feel hesitant, you should not compromise your peace or health. If your neighbour persists in causing you trouble and inconvenience despite your complaints, taking legal action against them is warranted. This guide is perfect for those seeking information on how to get rid of bad neighbours or what to do about a bad neighbour.

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