How to Choose the Best Kitchen Faucets : Tips & Tricks to Considered

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms of the house. So, you cannot compromise on any of your kitchen appliances. Faucets and sinks are the most integral things in any kitchen. consider these factors for picking up the best kitchen faucet. For example, keep in mind the size of your sink, the best finish for the kitchen faucet you want to buy, and the type of spray head you need. Apart from this, spout reach is one of the most essential factors. We discuss such tips on choosing the kitchen faucets, you will amazed. Stay tuned with us.

Spend at least $100 on the kitchen faucet. Buy a quality faucet with ceramic disk valves which can last for a couple of years. Make sure the faucet you bought is valuable to money. 

The faucet you buy should match the general theme of your kitchen and sink. Select the appropriate finish. Decide how many handles do you need in your faucet. Although single-handle faucets are more popular for a couple of reasons.

For example, they are easy to use and need less precision to get the desired temperature of the water.

There are a lot of factors to consider before purchasing a kitchen faucet, for example, faucet colors, faucet finishes, faucet valves, and faucet types. Here you will find out, how to choose the best kitchen faucet?

There is a wide range of spectacular designs and finishes of the faucets. Here are some tips on choosing the kitchen faucet.

latest kitchen faucet styles
Tips on choosing the kitchen faucets

1.      Watch your pocket before buying 

Budget is a key thing while buying anything. There is a wide variety of faucets that falls into different ranges. you should spend at least $100 to $150 on kitchen faucets. For example, nickel finish faucets are $60 to $90. The Chrome finish faucets are of $40 to $60, and stainless-steel faucets are of $130 to $250.

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2.      Valves

faucet valves desings
Faucet Valves – Tips on choosing kitchen faucets

Valves are responsible for the flow of water in a faucet. Faucet valves are water flow control systems. They can control by a turn of a handle. 

Ceramic valves are the most popular ones in the market. It has a couple of benefits. Usually, the faucets’ internal components are vulnerable to hot and cold temperatures. But ceramic discs can bear extreme temperatures.

 Moreover, it is long-lasting and lasts up to a couple of years. It’s very reliable and durable. They are not vulnerable to leakages

In case the cartridge goes down the whole disk has to be replaced because the cartridge is not sold individually. 

In a single-handled faucet, the handle is moved up for pouring water and moved side to side for controlling its temperature.

Cartridge and compression valves

There are other options as well. Like cartridge and compression faucet valves. The use of cartridge valves is the same as ceramic valves. But it has fewer advantages and prices as compared to disk valves.

Compression valves are slightly older models and were commonly used in dual-handled faucets. For controlling the water’s temperature there are separate handles. 

Which should you choose?

Ceramic disk valves are the most popular ones in the market. Because they are the latest, durable, hard, and long-lasting. But you can exploit other options too. 

3.      Handles of the faucets 

Handles of the Faucets
Handles of the Faucets

In most cases, single-handled faucets are used in the kitchen. Among all other types of faucets, single-handled faucets are way more reliable than others. Single-handled faucets have a couple of advantages.

In double-handle faucets, one handle is used to pour the water and another one is used to control water’s temperature. But in the single-handled faucets, only one handle is used to perform both functions. This reduces the manual effort. 

you just need to rotate the handle a bit to get the desired water temperature.

When you are doing kitchen chores, you have to do a couple of things simultaneously. For example, you are having a frying pan in your hand and need to wash your other hand at once. You can just move the handle slightly up and wash your hands (single-handled faucets).

4.      A Spout reach and height

Faucet height and design
Faucet Height

It is important to know that Spout reach is a very essential factor when buying a kitchen faucet. Spout height and spout reach are deeply associated with the size of the sink.

You should have the size of the sink in your mind when you are purchasing the faucet.

If the spout reach is bigger than the width of the sink, water will splash out of its boundaries. Moreover, the bigger spout height creates problems. A faucet with the perfect spout height and reach may be the best kitchen faucet.

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5.      Pull out versus pull down kitchen faucet

Pull out kitchen faucet
Faucets Pull-out
 pull down kitchen faucet
Faucets Pull-down

Let we discuss both scenarios:

Pull down kitchen faucet

These are high arc faucets whose spray head points exactly to the center of the sink. Pull down faucet is recommended for kitchens. Because sometimes you have to wash tall jars and huge dishes. The high arc design of the pull-down faucet will make your job easier. 

You can wash tall pots, jars, and crockery with a pull-down faucet. It has a large spout height and reaches. These features make it more appropriate for kitchen use. At the same time, it has a little disadvantage, it has a smaller hose. 

It can rotate about nearly 360 degrees. Pull-down faucets have a wide range of spray heads. For example, in a certain kind of spray head, you can change the modes of water’s flow. It is a very helpful feature. Because in the kitchen you have to do various kinds of things which need different throws of water.

For example, you need a slower pressure for washing hands and sometimes a faster stream for removing food from dishes. Pull-down faucets are a little bit expensive option. but it is worth buying it due to its a lot of astounding features. They are becoming incredibly popular in the market. 

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Pull out kitchen faucet 

If you have less space at the place of a faucet. then pull-out faucet is the only best option you have got. Both pull-down and pull-out faucets have their advantages and drawbacks. Pull out faucet is not primarily made for the kitchen. 

They have relatively smaller spout height and reach and clever design. Moreover, the spray head is not directed to the middle of the sink. So, if you need to fill or wash a bit larger water can, it can be difficult to do so. Pull-out faucets do not have many options in spray heads.

But they can easily rotate up to 360 degrees. That is a plus point. Pull-out faucets use a dual lever system. If you are familiar with the dual lever system then go for it. Its hoses are easy to manage. They have quite fewer manufacturing faults and are cheap as well. 

Which one should you buy?

Well, it depends upon for what purpose you want to use it. If you want it fundamentally for a kitchen then spend a clump of dollars and purchase a pull-down faucet.

Because it is more reliable and beneficial to be used in a kitchen. But if you have less space and money then pull out is the only best option to avail yourself. Pull-out or pull-down kitchen faucets should be added in tips on choosing the kitchen faucets because of their high demand.

6.      Sizing the faucet

Sizing the faucet
Sizing The faucets

I emphasize this point because sizing is one of the most ground things before buying a kitchen faucet. first of all, have in mind that for what purpose you are going to use it. Whether you want to use it for washing huge dishes and jars or some small glasses and crockery. 

For both uses faucet’s size and spray, the type will be different. Moreover, the faucet size is linked to the sink’s size. You should have an idea of your sink’s size while buying a faucet. 

7.      Faucet finishing

Faucet finishing
Faucets Finishes – Tips on choosing the kitchen faucets

While designing your kitchen choose the faucet according to the general theme of the kitchen. faucet finishes include brass, copper, chrome, bronze, stainless steel, and nickel. But the popular ones are chrome bronze and nickel. 


If the overall hardware which includes cabinets, shelves, and furniture is dark. Then you should go with the bronze finish. Because most of its shades are dark and incredibly awe-inspiring. Consult with your designer and get the best finish for the kitchen faucet.

Oil rubbed bronze is the most enchanting one and can break your bank as well. Bronze contains all shades from light brown to slightly black. If you prefer dark and antique colors then go with a bronze finish faucet. Bronze is one of the best tips from 10 tips on choosing the kitchen faucets I discussed in the article.

The Chrome 

The Chrome is one of the most elegant finishes available in kitchen faucets. Chrome is a good-looking and durable finish. Its shiny look makes it more attractive. It hinders rusting and corrosion. 


There are mainly two types of nickel. Brushed and polished. printing the faucet with a brushed nickel produces it. It gives metal a unique texture and antique look. Whereas, polished nickel is the warmer type of chrome finish. 

Nickel finish hides the water splashes and spots. It contains all the tones from golden to nearly white. These faucets range from $60-$90.

8.      Filtration system 

Filtration systems are used to remove the unwanted salts and contaminants from water. There are several different methods and filters to do this job. For example, distillation is used to separate the water from a homogenous mixture. A lot of faucets contain built-in filtration systems.  While searching on this topic “tips on choosing the kitchen faucets” I got a filtration system as a heading to include in it. I hope my reader will like them.

A few examples of filtration system includes pitchers, under-sink, ultraviolet light, reverse osmosis, and distillation, etc.


  • Cheap 
  • Petty installation cost
  • Filters need to be frequently changed.
  • The maintenance cost is high.
  • sometimes do not fully remove the contaminants 


  • Have durable and long-lasting filters. Low
  • Water is ideal for drinking and cooking 
  • High installation cost
  • Expensive  

Reverse osmosis 

  • Have efficient filters 
  • A High maintenance cost 
  • A lot of water is wasted 

What should you buy?

Most faucets with built-in water filters are expensive and need maintenance. You have to be very careful while using. In case if you don’t change the filters at a time the whole filtration system may go down. Which may cost you a handsome amount of money. Moreover, the water from the kitchen sinks is not usually used for drinking. It is preferable to buy a regular faucet.  Here we almost discuss several tips on choosing the kitchen faucets. Did you read them well?

9.      Touchless kitchen faucet

Touch less kitchen faucet
Touchless kitchen faucets

Nowadays, Touchless faucets are not for kitchens. But using one in your kitchen may have commendable benefits. For example, while doing multitasking in the kitchen you just need to place your hand underneath the spout and water will be poured on your hands. 

There are four main parts of any touchless kitchen faucet.

1.      Sensor 

A presence sensor is used to check the presence of the hand under the spout. If it is there water will pour out of the spray head. 

2.      Valve 

A solenoid valve is used in touchless kitchen faucet

3.      Power supply 

It is understood that the sensor needs the power to work. That power source may be a battery or an AC supply. 

4.      Spout 

The spout is the most integral part of any faucet, same is the case with a touchless faucet. 

10.      Faucet colors

Faucet colors are associated with the type of finish. For example, the chrome finish has lighter shades and the bronze finish have darker shades. It all depends on your choice and the color scheme of your kitchen.

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Final thoughts

All of these tricks and tips on choosing the best kitchen faucet will help you a lot in picking out the best kitchen faucet. There are a few factors which you may choose on your own.

For example, faucet finish, faucet colors, faucet types, faucet valves, etc. for the rest of the factors, you need an expert’s advice.

Here’s what an ideal kitchen faucet should contain.  

  • Ceramic disk valves
  • Chrome finish. Because it guards against rusting and corrosion.
  • Decent spout height and reach
  • It should counter mounted
  • Should be pull down

Rest of the factors. Like should it be touchless or not, should it have a filtration system? How much should be the cost? What should be the type of spray head?

All of these three factors depend upon you. If you want it to be touchless or not, should it have a filtration system or not. You can buy a faucet with a bronze or nickel finish as well. If you prefer them.


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