How to Choose Shower Faucet for a Small Bathroom
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How to Choose Shower Faucet for a Small Bathroom

Mar 11, 2024

It happened to me that I moved into a new apartment a few months ago. I liked everything about this place except the small bathroom. So I thought to remodel the bathroom by replacing the old fixtures to give it a new look. I got all new bathroom vanity set, but it was tricky to choose a shower faucet for a small bathroom because of limited space.

This bathroom has an old traditional fixed shower. The head mounted to the wall with an extended shower arm. So, I don’t like basic design. If I choose something fancy as my faucet for a shower, I had to spend a hefty amount on new plumbing for it.

During my research, I came across five types of faucets for the shower. They were easy to install without much damage to the existing old plumbing lines. Installing an average shower faucet price can be more costly. With extra $100 charges of labour. If you can DIY the plumbing, this deal will cost you around $150 to $350.

Shower section is a constrained area even if you have a spacious bathroom. And picking up the shower faucet depends upon the bathing habits and preference of the user. But do not ignore the rest of the hardware and décor theme of the bathroom.

If you are planning to update your old bathroom fixtures, this guide will help you. You will be able to choose best faucet for shower in a small bathroom.

Faucet for shower
Faucet for shower

Considerable Factors while choosing shower faucet

When choosing a luxury bathroom faucet for your small bathroom, you’ll want to consider both function and style. In terms of function, you’ll want to ensure that the faucet is the right size for your sink and has the features you’re looking for. For example, choose a faucet with low-flow technology if you’re trying to conserve water. In terms of style, you’ll want to choose a faucet that coordinates with the rest of your bathroom décor. If your bathroom has a modern aesthetic, you might want to choose a sleek and minimalist faucet. If your bathroom has a more traditional look, you might want to choose a faucet with more ornate details. Regardless of your style preferences, a luxury bathroom faucet is sure to be perfect for your small bathroom.

1. If you are looking for long-lasting corrosion-free and leakproof performance. Stainless steel or brass materials are the ultimate choices.
2. Do consider the inner construction of the fixtures. If it has a plastic valve, then you have to change the faucet after few years.
3. Branded faucet manufacturers use ceramics cartridges for their products to ensure flawless performance.

4. Spot-resistance finish in faucets is important. It keeps them well maintained for a long time in the bathroom’s humid environment.
5. PEX hose is more durable than plastic hose.This is because it is more resistant to the high and low temperature of the water.

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Types of Shower Faucets


Shower faucets have different designs. They have various types of showerheads and patterns of water projection. All these shower faucets are available in the market. They are different finishes. The chrome and stainless steel finishes blend well with the rest of the décor of any bathroom. Types of shower faucets are various. When it comes to small bathroom we need to fouced on small area and buy according to our needs.

  • Fixed Head shower faucet
  • Handheld shower faucet
  • Rain showerhead faucet
  • Dual shower faucet
  • Slide bar shower faucet

Fixed Head Shower Faucet

In previous times, old bathrooms used a fixed shower head with three handles. It controls water pressure and temperature. These showerheads are small with a 2 GPM water flow rate. Now, these shower faucets are out of fashion. As people want a more luxurious bathing experience. By the way, my new apartment had a bathroom with the same kind of old model of fixed shower head faucet. So I wanted something flexible per my needs.

Rain Shower Head Faucet

Rainshower heads consist of large panels to project water and mimic the rain. These shower faucets have a relaxing but high-pressure water flow rate of 2.2 to 2.5 GPM. The five-star restroom equippes with a rain shower head faucet. They have to provide high-class services to their customer as a relaxing shower. Rainshower head panels are more expensive than any other shower faucet. Only shower panel prices range from $80 to $300.

Handheld shower faucet

These shower faucets have a shower head with a control button to on and off the water flow. A flexible hose attaches to the showerhead to offer more precise cleaning. Handheld showerheads have low water flow with barely 2 GPM. So they are water-efficient due to their ergonomic control button design. If you like more controlled water usage during the shower, you should choice the handheld shower faucet. Handheld shower faucets are practical if you have any aged family members at home who cannot stand under the shower. These handheld shower faucets help them to use the shower with ease while sitting on a bath chair.

Slide Bar shower faucet

If you have family members with various heights, then the slide bar shower faucet offers more convenience. Because slide bar shower heads are adjustable to different positions at the pole. Slide bar shower heads are a more updated version of a handheld shower. With the convenience of using it as a hand-free shower faucet at different heights. Slide bar shower faucets can be considered customized faucets and are less popular than other shower systems.

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Dual shower faucet

The dual shower faucet set includes a fixed shower head. The head attached to an extended arm with a handheld shower connected to it. This system of faucets for the shower has more functionality, with two shower heads work . So you can use it either hand-free or handheld showerhead to wash more conveniently.

This shower faucet system is more practical than other shower faucets at a reasonable price with the same water lines. I think dual shower faucets are ideal for domestic use and satisfy the needs of all family members.

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It was worth spending my time finding the perfect shower faucet for me as I would like to spend more time in the shower for brainstorming. So I had to choose a shower faucet that also offers water savings. After thorough research, I settled upon a dual shower faucet for my bathroom. It fits in my budget and has good features.

Although it has a dual shower system, it requires three handles to control water temperature and pressure. No damage was done to my tiled bathroom to create extra holes to adjust new hardware. I like brushed nickel finish for all fixtures in my bathroom as this finish has spot resistant and fingerprint-proof surface and require less cleaning.

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