Following are the tools you need for installing a kitchen faucet


Regular Screwdrivers

Adjustable Wrench/Basin Wrench

Mobile flashlight or touch


Plumber’s Putty 

Thread seal tape

Allen Wrench

Most kitchen faucets are installed with a single screw in the spout hole. For some reason, the spout holes on the newer faucets are located higher on the wall. So, in order to install the spout, you must loosen the screw, lift the spout up and away from the wall, and then screw in the new spout. This can be a bit of a pain, and it requires a certain degree of dexterity.

But there is an easier way. The spout holes on the newer faucets are bigger than those on older faucets. So the new spouts fit easily into the old holes. All you need to do is slide the spout into the hole, tighten the spout nut, and turn the spout nut clockwise. In about 30 seconds, you will have a working faucet.

Some homeowners install kitchen faucets using regular screws. Others choose to install kitchen faucets using Phillips head screws. Depending on where you live and the type of installation, you may be required to use a specific screwdriver. If you don’t have an adjustable wrench, you may need to purchase one to complete the job.

Plumber or handyman to install a kitchen faucet.

 Faucet installation often requires an experienced plumber or handyman who can make minor adjustments to the mountings and fittings or install new plumbing. Before hiring

1. Compare the plumber or handyman profiles

2. Don’t forget to check their review on their personal or company websites. 

3. Always select the plumber from a company with more than 5 years of insured and bonded. 

4. Don’t forget to ask for 1 year of labour warranty.

5. Don’t pay before until you are satisfied with their work. 

Here is the list of questions you need to ask before hiring a person

Do you have any past experience?

What things do I need to provide you other than the new faucet and supply lines? 

What will you do with my old faucets?

Are you insured and bonded

Are you licensed?

What about your warranty policy?


1. Can I install a faucet by myself?

Yes, you can install a faucet by yourself if you have a little bit of knowledge to do it. If you have a knowledge of how to use tools to install a faucet then you can do it. But if you are a complete beginner then you need to hire a plumber or a handyman. Because they are professional and handle this job effectively. 

2. How much does it cost to have a faucet installed?

Yes, The cost to install a new faucet is almost $120 to $300. But the cost to replace is high because it involves, removing and installing.

3. Do I need a plumber to install a faucet?

Faucets require a lot of work and expertise. You should have a plumber handle all your plumbing needs. Plumbing professionals, including plumbers and drain cleaners, know what kinds of materials and procedures are necessary for every type of job.

 4. How long does a faucet last?

An average faucet lasts 10 to 20 years on average, but it depends on the type and brand.

Any faucet that is more than 15 years old or that has problems should be replaced.

Some faucets are designed to last as long as your kitchen, so they’ll look good for up to eight years.

Showing problems such as dripping, leaking, broken sprayer, or weak water flow.

5. When do you need to replace a kitchen faucet?

 If your kitchen faucet is leaking, not working, or just looks old, outdated, and worn out, then it’s time to make a change. Kitchen faucets are the most important fixture in your kitchen. They supply hot and cold water for your sink, tub, and other kitchen appliances. When they don’t work properly, they can ruin your kitchen’s overall look, cause leaks, and even be dangerous to your health.

6. How to take care of kitchen faucets?

It’s important to check and clean your faucet after each use. If you notice corrosion, wear, or any other signs that your faucet needs to be replaced, get the repairs done right away. Replacing a faucet can be tricky. Not only can the job be tedious, but it can also be costly, too. However, if you have some experience with plumbing repairs, it won’t be hard to find qualified professionals who will help you install a new faucet.


Here we talked about the kitchen faucet installation cost. On average, you should have at least $500 when you think about faucet installation or replacement. You can do it by yourself or hire an experienced plumber or handyman. So, happy installation…


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