Brushed Nickel vs Brushed Chrome | Which one is good?

Brushed Nickel vs Brushed Chrome | Which one is good?

Nov 28, 2021

In this blog post, we will discuss brushed nickel vs brushed chrome. We know that metal fixtures used in home-like bathroom faucets, shower sets, showerheads, and kitchen faucets, etc come in different styles and finishes. These finishes are of different types like satin, brushed chrome, brushed nickel, polished chrome, and polished nickel. The polished brass, satin brass, and oil-rubbed bronze are some of them. Here is our point of discussion Which one is better-brushed nickel or brushed chrome. Because most people use these two finishes. 

Like everyday technology going advanced. In this way, companies and brands are willing to provide quality products all over the globe. They make strategies to improve their product material to have a good image in front of the public. This goes with these companies that detail home metal fixtures. They tend to make more accurate and stylish products than ever before. 

If you have old or existing hardware in your kitchen and bathroom then you have lots more options now. Because almost 10 or 15 years ago, most of the products are not available today. Today you will find different variants of only one product. A variation on the base of color, designs, and size, etc. You have to choose the product according to your needs and demand. 

While renovating your bathroom or kitchen then you need to make sure what’s your need? Which type of product will match the color scheme. Which design will fit with the theme of your bathroom and kitchen etc? Why do you have to think about all these questions? The only answer is people becoming richer and they want to spend more money to live a perfect life, than ever before. There is no bad thing at all. 

Well, when you analyze what is your theme, which color goes best with and you finalize the product. Then you also keep the most important thing in mind which is the material the product is made up of. If the product’s design and the color go best with your bathroom or kitchen theme and material is of scurvy quality then you will only waste your money. 

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Important points to keep in mind while choosing the hardware

Here are a few things you should keep in mind while buying hardware for your home, office, etc

1: Color

The color of your hardware like faucets, shower set, and head should be matched with the color of the walls of your bathroom, and kitchen respectively. 

2: Design

The design you need to choose goes best with the theme of the particular place for which you are buying the hardware.

3: Material

Brushed nickel vs brushed chrome

The third important thing is the material by which the hardware is made up of. Sometimes, it happens that product design, color is very good but the material is very bad, Then don’t go for it. 

Sometimes, it also happens that products do not have very good design and color but the material is very good. Here, I will not recommend you to go for it. 

You need to make some effort and select the likes with good color, design, and material. And you will find the best metal fixture for your home. 

In this article, we are going to tell a clear difference between brushed nickel vs brushed chrome. Then after reading it, you will be at the point to select which one is good for you.

Showerheads, faucets have different finishes as we discussed above, the finishes have texture and shine. The factor that makes people purchase a fixture is shine. So don’t forget.

We will differentiate the brushed nickel vs brushed chrome based on texture, price, durability, maintenance, and making process. 

Design and texture

The chrome and nickel fixtures come in different designs and textures depending on the manufacturer who made them. Moreover, the color depends upon the material used. The chrome fixtures always have a slight blue color due to chrome plating or the material used. This gives them a fresher look. The nickel fixtures always have a slightly yellow color, which will give them a warmer look. 

Chrome fixtures have a variety of finishes available in the market, all of them have a slight blue color, this is because of the chrome material used. The nickel fixtures also have nickel finishes, they also have a slight yellow color because of nickel material. 

The designs are different. Usually, to compete, every manufacturer wants a unique design, so their products can sell well compared to their competitors. So there are so many designs available in the market. You can choose which seems best for you.

As for the looks, nickel finishes give a traditional, antique, and homey look. While chrome finishes give modern looks. Chrome finishes have a bright texture and brushed nickel has mute shine, which gives it a perfect look. 

Combination With colors

As we discussed the tint of brushed nickel and brushed chrome, we came to know that brushed nickel goes well with warmer colors like red, yellow, and orange. On the other hand, the brushed chrome goes well with cool colors like blue, green, and purple. 

You might wonder why people use dark colors in the kitchen and even in the bathroom. It is not necessary to use bright and dark colors, you can use the light shades of these colors as well. 

Nickel fixtures mostly give traditional vibes, so, these days it’s better to go for brushed chrome fixtures because they give good modern vibes. 

Price difference

Mostly brushed nickel and brushed chrome fixtures mostly finish with a very low price difference. Brushed nickel mostly has a higher price than brushed chrome. But these days prices mostly fluctuate and depend upon the variation you wanna buy. Variations of price also rely on the manufacturer you buy from. It is important to negotiate prices before buying. 

Corrosion Resistant

Both brushed nickel and chrome are highly corrosion resistant but sometimes, nickel gets attacked by corrosion. This is because the nickel material gets easily oxidized in the presence of oxygen. To avoid corrosion, care and cleaning are important. Moreover, the age of the fixture is also important, if you only use fixtures and didn’t care for them, then they didn’t survive more. 

Water Marks and fingerprints

Brushed nickel hides watermarks and fingerprints more easily than any other fixture like a chrome fixture. It is because of the material properties used to make a brushed nickel. When we touch the fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen, then fingerprints are mostly visible that looks so odd. That’s why people want to buy such fixtures that hide fingerprints superly and instantly. Therefore, brushed nickel fixtures should be their choice. 

Final words

Here is a complete discussion on Brushed nickel vs brushed chrome, now read and buy fixtures according to your needs. If you want to learn more about faucets then click here.

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