Battery Powered Automatic Faucet : All You Need to Know

Battery Powered Automatic Faucet : All You Need to Know

Mar 11, 2024

The automatic faucet has two other names. One is the electronic faucet and the second is the touchless faucet. This kind of faucet can turn on and off without touching it. Touchless faucets now use around the globe. Battery-powered automatic faucet is trending nowadays on every international shopping platform like amazon ebay, wallmart and aliexpress. Lets us discuss amazing things about battery-powered automatic faucet.

These can use in public bathrooms, hospitals, and hotels to avoid health risks.
A sensor is a very important part of these faucets. It is an infrared, ultrasonic, or presence sensor.

Whenever, a hand place under the faucet’s spout, the sensor sends a positive signal to the valve and it’s turns on. As soon as, the hand sensor sends a negative signal and the valve turns off.
Because the public washrooms’ faucets mainly use by a lot of people every day. So, there is a higher risk that the faucet can transfer germs and bacteria into the public. That’s why we prefer automatic faucets in public washrooms.

Battery-powered automatic faucets also use in hospitals’ washrooms for washing debase instruments.
They are available as pull-out as well as pull-down faucets. You can use them as bathroom fixtures and kitchen faucets as well.

When a battery-powered automatic faucet came to being

Faucets invent in the 1950s but their commercial use started in the 1980s. An Australian named Norman Wareham invented them.
Automatic faucets designed for inept people who aren’t able to use the handled faucets
They use in industries for a couple of reasons. We use different chemicals acids and grease. Which debase the hands so washing hands with a regular faucet can proliferate toxins. That’s why we consider using more faucets in industries rather than other accessories.

Battery-powered automatic faucet
Battery-powered automatic faucet

Battery-powered automatic faucets also use in hospitals to wash different surgical instruments.

They are available as pull-out as well as pull-down faucets. You can use them as bathroom fixtures and kitchen faucets

Parts of an automatic faucet

Battery-powered automatic faucet

Any automatic faucet usually composes of four fundamental parts. Sensor, valve, power source, and spout


Sensors are devices that measure physical quantities. In automatic faucets sensors have to detect the presence of hands under the faucet’s spout. Three types of sensors in an automatic faucet. ultrasonic field sensor, an infrared detector, presence sensor.

Presence sensor

The presence sensor detects the presence of the hands under the spout.

If it’s there, a signal sends to the valve, which turns on the water.

As soon as the needle removes, so it stops water.

Ultrasonic field sensor

An Ultrasonic field sensor detects the movement of the hands under the spout.

Infrared sensor

Infrared light locates next to which an infrared detector place.

You know infrared light spots on the hand, which sends a signal to the infrared detector. The motion passes on the valve, and the tap turns on. It turns on after the hand removes.


Solenoid valves uses to control the flow of water in an automatic faucet. Solenoids valves are electromagnets. A rubber disk in the valves holds the water’s stream. Suppose the faucet sensor sends the positive signal to the valve.

The rubber disk pulls, and water pour out from the spray head. Whereas, the sign is negative, the rubber disk is pushed, and the valve is closed.

Power source

Every touchless or automatic faucet needs a power source. Some faucets are battery-powered, while an AC supply powers others. These battery-operated faucets are relatively cheaper than their competitors.

How does it work?

It uses capacitive technology. Every time your hands touch the handle of the faucet. The value of capacitance changes, and water will flow in and vice versa.

How should you maintain your automatic faucet?

Consider these instructions for making your faucet long-lasting. Be careful with the electrical components. Be careful to replace the battery with the correct size. So, regularly remove the dust, filmed water, and other stuff from sensors. Check for the water level in the batteries, replace the batteries on time.

Benefits of battery-powered automatic faucet


The most significant advantage of automatic faucets is they are eco-friendly. It means they save water in this world where the population is increasing. And industries are developing rapidly. The need for water is also growing. 

That’s why saving water is essential. Since you don’t need to touch the faucet and water stops as soon as the hand is removed. So, very little or no amount of water goes to dogs. Install touchless kitchen and bathroom faucets in your house.

A research was conducted by Hanley wood university. And It says automatic faucets are primarily designed to save water. So, it also prevents accidental flooding.

Prevents spreading of bacteria and germs

It would have a couple of times that you come home and wash hands from a regular tap. The contaminants on your hands are transferred to the fixtures.

The next guy who uses it will get the germs transferred on his hands. This way, these standard taps are one of the major causes of bacteria spread.

Install a sensor faucet and forget all worries. Because it will incredibly prevent the spread and transfer of diseases, this way you can save your kids and family members from various health risks.

Duquesne university’s research shows 35% of water can be saved from water-saving units. So, this means that electronic faucets will contribute to the saving of water.

Less expensive

Sometimes when voltage or AC supply fluctuates, a lot of home appliances go down. But in the case of automatic electronic faucets, they will not go down. Usually, the battery-powered automatic faucets are not pricy.

Things to consider before buying a battery-operated automatic faucet. 

Quality of the sensors

The central part of any automatic faucet is a sensor because if the detector goes down, the faucet will not work. So do not compromise on the sensor’s quality. The sensor should not be too reactive nor too irresponsive. The better the sensor’s reactive time better will be your user experience.

Faucet finish

When the faucets’ manufacturing process is completed, it is given a finish to enhance its physical appearance. There are many finishes available in the market, such as bronze, copper, nickel, stainless steel, brass. Some finishes are expensive, and others are affordable.

Power source

There are a lot of power sources—for example, AC supply and battery. Battery-powered faucets are usually cheap. So, you need to decide what actually you have to buy for your bathrooms or kitchen.

We usually prefer to buy battery-powered automatic faucets because they are easy to use and cheaper than other faucets.


It is a good idea to make sure that the faucet you choose is easy to install. A battery-powered faucet should be easy to install, as they don’t need an outlet.

If you are looking for a water saving faucet, make sure that it is battery powered and not connected to an outlet.

It is important to choose the right battery-powered automatic faucet for your home. The most important thing to consider is how easy it is to install and clean. You want a faucet that will be easy to maintain and won’t need too much attention on a regular basis.

Battery-powered faucets are easy to install and they don’t require any wires or pipes, which means they are very easy to clean. They don’t have any moving parts, which also makes them more reliable than other types of faucets. If you’re looking for a reliable water source for your home, battery-powered automatic faucets are the way to go!.

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