Color Your Home Beautiful: 14 Exterior Paint Colors We Love

Color Your Home Beautiful: 14 Exterior Paint Colors We Love

Apr 3, 2024

As the calling card to your home, the exterior color palette you choose speaks volumes. It sets the tone, reflects your style, and makes that crucial first impression on guests and neighbors. But with so many gorgeous hues to consider, how do you settle on the perfect combination?

In this guide, we’ll explore 14 stunning exterior paint color schemes curated by the color experts at Benjamin Moore. From classic neutrals to bold statements, you’ll find inspiration to infuse beauty, character, and undeniable curb appeal into your home’s facade. Let’s get started!

Find a Paint Store Near You

Before diving into colors, remember that premium exterior paints like Benjamin Moore’s Aura, Regal Select, and Element Guard don’t just look beautiful – they’re also formulated to protect your home from the elements year after year.

We recommend finding a locally-owned Benjamin Moore retailer near you to ensure you get the ideal paint product and expert guidance.

How to Choose Exterior House Colors?

Choose Exterior House Colors

Choosing exterior house paint colors is an art. Multiple factors should be considered, from your home’s architectural style and permanent outdoor features to personal color preferences. Typically, a well-coordinated exterior uses 3-4 harmonious hues across the:

  • Siding (main “body” color)
  • Trim
  • Accents like shutters, garage doors, and front door

Follow these pro tips to nail your exterior color scheme:

Align Exterior Paint Colors with Outdoor Hues

Take your color cues from elements that can’t be changed, like the roof, stone accents, brick, and surrounding landscape. These existing features will point you towards a general warm or cool color family to build from.

For example, if your home has warm reddish brick accents, you may want to lean into earthy, subtle exterior colors like:

  • Swiss Coffee OC-45
  • Yarmouth Blue HC-150
  • Collector’s Item AF-45

Do your outdoor elements skew more cool-toned? Consider crisp hues like:

  • Gray Owl OC-52
  • November Skies 2128-50
  • Silver Lake 1598

Consider Your Exterior Accents

Once you’ve established the main “body” color, factor in your home’s unique accents. A lush green lawn and lots of shrubbery? A soft gray or blue exterior siding makes that gorgeous greenery pop. Try a combination like:

  • Siding: Cloud Cover OC-25
  • Door: Concord Ivory HC-12
  • Trim: Gray Owl OC-52

Have a classic red brick home? Coordinate with deeper, naturalistic shades of green and brown:

  • Siding: Hampshire Gray HC-101
  • Trim: November Rain OC-50
  • Accents: Boreal Forest AF-480

Observe Lighting and Exterior Paint Colors

The same color can look vastly different under various lighting conditions. Before committing, observe tested house paint swatches in both shaded and direct sunlight around all sides of your home to see how the light plays with the hues.

North or east-facing homes, for instance, tend to cast a more extraordinary light that may make colors appear more muted or grayed. Meanwhile, south and west exposures can intensify some pigments with warmth. Testing gives you confidence in how colors will read from every angle.

Synch Paint Colors with Your Personality

Most importantly, your exterior color scheme should reflect your unique style sensibility! If you gravitate towards cheerful vibes, don’t be afraid to embrace warm, exuberant tones like:

  • Pale Petal 1178
  • Marblehead Gold HC-11
  • Raspberry Blush 2008-30 (2023 Color of the Year)

For those who appreciate a more serene aesthetic, try grounding your palette with calming exterior colors like:

  • Jet Stream 814
  • Violet Dusk 1409
  • Mallard Green 2053-10

6 Color Families That Can Transform Your Home Exterior

To spark some inspiration, let’s dive into six overarching color family themes with examples of exterior color combinations that pack a punch:

Make a Statement with White Exterior Paint

Nothing exudes fresh elegance quite like a white or off-white house exterior. These hues provide a beautiful blank canvas that allows other elements, like landscaping or architectural details, to steal the spotlight.

Try pairing soft Harwood Putty CW-5 siding with a vivid Nicolson Green CW-500 door for a look that celebrates your greenery.

Make a Design Impact with Deep, Dark Hues

If moody, high-contrast design is your vibe, you can’t go wrong with an exterior painted in ultra-deep charcoal, navy, or accurate black tones. The effect is endlessly chic and dramatic, especially with crisp white trim.

Some of our favorite combinations:

  • Siding & Trim: Black HC-190
  • Siding: Iron Mountain 2134-30, Trim: White Dove OC-17
  • Siding: Polo Blue 2062-10, Trim: White Diamond OC-61

Brown Siding & Greenery: A Luxe Pairing

There’s something incredibly grounding and luxurious about deep brown exterior house paint colors paired with lush landscaping. The rich hues evoke warmth and natural beauty.

For an enveloping look, try a bar of sumptuous chocolate brown like Dragon’s Breath 1547 on your siding, punctuated by vibrant green topiaries or hedges.

Other swoon-worthy brown options:

  • Wenge AF-180
  • Black Bean Soup 2130-10
  • French Press AF-170

Back to Black

You can never go wrong with classic black. This noir knockout commands attention while offering a modern, sophisticated aesthetic – especially when paired with crisp white trim and a pop of vivid color.

To get the look:

  • Siding: Black Satin 2131-10
  • Trim: Brilliant White OC-150
  • Accents: Million Dollar Red 2003-10

Gray-Blue Home Exteriors You’ll Love

Blue-tinged grays and grayish blues are famous for their calming and sophisticated exterior. These hues have an effortlessly cool elegance.

Some of our top picks include:

  • Boothbay Gray HC-165
  • Wedgewood Gray HC-146
  • Solitude AF-545

A Pop of Color for Your Front Porch

The front porch or entrance area can be a perfect spot to introduce an unexpected punch of saturated color that makes your home feel warm and welcoming.

One example? Coating the porch ceiling and trim in a deep neutral like Meditation AF-395 – a beautiful fusion of gray, green, and brown tones.

Other rich porch-perfect shades:

  • Sparrow AF-720
  • Black Forest Green HC-187
  • Kendall Charcoal HC-166

14 Exterior Paint Colors We Love

Now for the centerpiece – 14 expertly curated exterior color palettes using some of Benjamin Moore’s most popular hues. Each palette features a stunning primary “body” color and coordinating trim and accent tones perfectly designed to boost your home’s curb appeal.

1. Louisburg Green HC-113

This cool, muted green hue with deep mossy undertones creates an inviting, naturalistic vibe. Pair it with:

  • Body: Louisburg Green HC-113
  • Door: Castle Peak Gray 1561
  • Trim: Halo OC-46

2. Revere Pewter HC-172

An iconic neutral with balanced warm and cool undertones, Revere Pewter is versatile and timeless. The perfect pairing:

  • Body: Revere Pewter HC-172
  • Trim: Swiss Coffee OC-45
  • Accent: Copley Gray HC-104

3. Carrington Beige HC-93

Featuring the faintest whisper of green undertones, Carrington Beige is a soft, glowing light neutral that pairs stunningly with deep blue accents:

  • Body: Carrington Beige HC-93
  • Trim: China White OC-141
  • Accent: Lucerne AF-530

4. Morrel AF-125

Rich and rosy, Morrel from the Affinity Collection emits a warm, inviting radiance for your home’s facade:

  • Body: Morrel AF-125
  • Trim: Stonington Gray HC-170
  • Accent: Kendall Charcoal HC-166

5. Monroe Bisque HC-26

Pulled from the iconic Historical Collection, this timeless beige-pink-brown creates a perfectly classic American heritage look when combined with:

  • Body: Monroe Bisque HC-26
  • Trim: Monterey White HC-27
  • Accent: Cromwell Gray HC-103

6. Horizon OC-53

Horizon’s subtle, light blue-gray undertones make your home feel friendly and welcoming, especially when punctuated by these eye-catching hues:

  • Body: Horizon OC-53
  • Trim: Ashwood Moss 1484
  • Accent: Wasabi AF-430

7. Hampshire Gray HC-101

An almost-neutral green with subtle warm undertones, Hampshire Gray makes for an earthy yet sophisticated alternative to standard charcoal hues:

  • Body: Hampshire Gray HC-101
  • Trim: November Rain OC-50
  • Accent: Boreal Forest AF-480

8. Sweet Rosy Brown 1302

Deliciously decadent, Sweet Rosy Brown delivers rich burgundy vibes with luxurious purple undertones guaranteed to make your home feel warm and welcoming:

  • Body: Sweet Rosy Brown 1302
  • Trim: Feather Down OC-6
  • Accent: Branchport Brown HC-72

9. Caldwell Green HC-124

For an exterior that brings the richness of the forest home, Caldwell’s lush hunter-green perfectly captures the essence of nature with regal blue undertones:

  • Body: Caldwell Green HC-124
  • Trim: White Heron OC-57
  • Accent: Lenox Tan HC-44

10. Silver Gray 2131-60

Sleek and fresh, the blue-green undertones of this pale silver-gray give your home’s facade a contemporary yet calming presence:

  • Body: Silver Gray 2131-60
  • Trim: Brilliant White OC-150
  • Accent: Sea Mist Green 2041-50

11. Van Courtland Blue HC-145

Fusing Old World elegance with a modern bohemian twist, this rich navy blue becomes a showstopper alongside crisp whites and a pop of jewel-toned burgundy:

  • Body: Van Courtland Blue HC-145
  • Trim: White Diamond OC-61
  • Accent: Classic Burgundy HC-182

12. Charcoal Slate HC-178

There’s simply no color more dramatically striking than an authentic charcoal slate gray, especially when starkly contrasted by bright white and warm tan tones:

  • Body: Charcoal Slate HC-178
  • Trim: Pure White OC-64
  • Accent: Red Point Sand CC-128

13. Chambourd AF-645

For an exterior that exudes luxurious warmth and drama, this sophisticated burgundy makes a bold statement as the main “body” hue:

  • Body: Chambourd AF-645
  • Trim: White Opulence OC-69
  • Accent: Winter Gray 2117-60

14. Black HC-190

You can’t go wrong with a classic color scheme of rich, accurate black siding contrasted by crisp white trim and a vibrant accent like red:

  • Body: Black HC-190
  • Trim: White OC-151
  • Accent: Caliente AF-290

5 Answers to Your Home Exterior Painting Questions

With a beautiful color palette picked out, you may have some lingering practical questions about that exterior paint makeover. Let’s cover a few key considerations:

Don’t Forget to Pick Exterior Sheen

Beyond just the color, every exterior paint comes in various sheen or gloss levels that impact the finished look. Some common recommendations:

  • Low Lustre (most popular): Ideal for siding and trim
  • Pearl/Satin: Great for siding, trim, shutters, doors
  • Semi-Gloss/Soft Gloss: Best for trim, shutters, doors, and highlighting architectural details
  • Gloss/High-Gloss: Typically used on doors and architectural accents

Your local Benjamin Moore retailer can guide you on your project’s ideal sheen.

You Can Paint Vinyl Siding

A typical homeowner misconception is that you must replace vinyl siding entirely to change its color. Not true! Applying a top-quality exterior paint like the specially formulated Benjamin Moore Element Guard Exterior in one of the 75 vinyl-safe hues can give your existing siding an affordable, dramatic refresh.

Popular vinyl siding colors include:

  • Simply White OC-117
  • Hazy Skies OC-48
  • Amherst Gray HC-167
  • Hawthorne Yellow HC-4

You Can Paint Stucco

Stucco exteriors are another surface that can quickly be revived through painting using specialized stucco-friendly paint. Some beautiful stucco color options:

  • Aberdeen Green 631
  • Vanilla Milkshake OC-59
  • Cedar Key OC-16

Paint Your Garage Door: Low Effort, Big Impact

A complete exterior repaint is often optional to breathe new life into your home. Simply refreshing an accent like the garage door can make a huge visual difference for relatively little time and effort.

To preview potential garage door colors, try Benjamin Moore’s free Color Portfolio app, which lets you “paint” different hues over photos of your home exterior. The soft Seashell OC-120 shown here demonstrates how a lighter garage door color can add fresh appeal.

Which Are the Best Paints for Home Exteriors?

When it comes to premium exterior paint formulas, Benjamin Moore has you covered:

  • Aura Exterior: Utilizes patented Color Lock technology for richer, longer-lasting hues and unprecedented durability.
  • Regal Select Exterior: 100% acrylic protection resists fading, cracking, peeling, and mildew even in humid conditions.
  • Regal Select High Build: Thick, high-build formula that can help bridge small cracks and voids in fewer coats.
  • Element Guard Exterior: Exceptional permeability allows this to withstand wind-driven rain and humidity on surfaces like vinyl siding.
  • Arborcoat Exterior Stain: Beautifies and protects exterior wood like fences, decks, and outdoor furniture from UV damage and the elements.

For advice on the ideal product for your project, consult the experienced staff at your local Benjamin Moore retailer.

The Best Way to Choose an Exterior Paint Color

Choose an Exterior Paint Color

Feeling inspired by all those gorgeous exterior hues and palettes? Here’s a quick recap on nailing your exterior house colors:

  1. Establish your general color family (warm, cool, neutral) by looking to permanent features like the roof, stonework, brick, and landscaping for guidance.
  2. Consider how the lighting around your home may affect color appearance. Observe samples in shade and direct sun.
  3. Choose a main “body” color for the siding, complemented by trim and accent shades that suit your home’s style.
  4. Let your personal style and color preferences shine through! Feel free to make a decorative statement.
  5. Determine the ideal paint sheen and formula based on your exterior’s specific surface materials and exposure.

Try On Exterior Colors with Samples

Once you’ve narrowed your color choices, test them using proper samples before committing. Benjamin Moore’s pint-sized color samples allow you to brush on contenders and observe them outside at different times of day to ensure you love the result on your home.

Pro Tip: The samples are formulated for interior use, so apply them to primed foam boards rather than directly on your exterior siding or trim.

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What is the best color combination for exterior walls? 

The best color combination for exterior walls depends on various factors such as architectural style, surrounding environment, and personal preference. However, classic combinations like white with navy blue or gray with beige are often timeless choices.

How do you coordinate exterior paint colors? 

To coordinate exterior paint colors, consider existing roofing, landscaping, and neighboring houses. Choose colors that harmonize with these elements while also reflecting your style. Additionally, color samples will be used to test how different hues look in various lighting conditions.

What exterior colors make a house look expensive? 

Exterior colors that can make a house look expensive often include rich and deep hues like dark grays, navy blues, and deep greens. Accents in metallic tones like gold or bronze can also add a touch of luxury. Opting for high-quality paint finishes and professional application can enhance the overall appearance.

What is the best color paint for the outside? 

The best color paint for the outside depends on architectural style, climate, and personal preference. However, popular choices include neutral tones like beige, gray, and taupe and classic colors like white or navy blue. Choosing colors that complement the surroundings and enhance curb appeal is essential.


This comprehensive guide illustrates that the perfect exterior color palette adds beauty, character, and tangible value to any home. You can transform your property’s presence by accounting for your permanent exterior features, materials, and personal flair – while being mindful of factors like lighting.

So, wait to settle for drab, faded exterior hues a moment longer! Gather some paint samples, study up on sheen levels, and get ready to reimagine your home’s outer canvas with vivid, protective colors you’ll love for years to come.

Whether you aim for classic curb appeal with Revere Pewter, a bold statement in Black, or anything in between, the ideal paint palette awaits you. What kind of vibe will you create for your home sweet home?

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