12 Mind-Blowing DIY Terrarium Ideas: Relaxing and Creative Projects
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12 Mind-Blowing DIY Terrarium Ideas: Relaxing and Creative Projects

Feb 21, 2024

When considering a new home or adding outdoor space to your existing home, creating a small garden is an excellent choice. To enhance the beauty and appeal of your garden, you can incorporate terrariums. Terrariums have the power to transform your garden into a stunning visual experience.

You can even create a small water garden or combine it with a terrarium garden. There are no limitations when it comes to your imagination and personal preferences. A terrarium acts as a miniature ecosystem within your garden, composed of various elements such as sand, gravel, moss, and decorative beads as a base.

By arranging these elements in a small glass container, you can create a captivating decorative piece for your living room that will captivate the interest of your guests. To achieve a realistic and appealing look, it’s important to unleash your creativity.

To inspire you further, we have curated 12 DIY Terrarium ideas that you can explore and implement. Read the complete article to discover the best ideas. Let’s begin.

But before we dive in, let’s familiarize ourselves with the essential basics required to create a creative and attractive terrarium.

Essential Resources and Step-by-Step Guide:

To begin, select an open glass container for your terrarium. Create a drainage system by covering the bottom with small pebbles and stones.

Next, add a thin layer of activated charcoal to keep the water fresh and prevent mold and bacteria. This step is crucial for a successful terrarium. Then, add a layer of potting soil, especially if you’re planning to include cacti, as it provides the right mix for their growth. Consider cacti instead of moss and ferns for a different touch.

Finally, it’s time to arrange your terrarium. Start with the largest plant and consider adding a mini pond, lake, or even a small waterfall for a unique and refreshing look. Let your creativity shine by creating your own miniature garden that will capture everyone’s attention.

Top DIY Terrarium Ideas

1. Miniature Terrarium in a Shot Glass

Create a stunning shot glass terrarium with the following materials and steps. Begin by filling your chosen shot glass with sand. Moisten the sand using a water spray and create a hole in the sand for the soil. Place your plant into the hole and fill any remaining space with small pebbles mixed with glue for added stability. Add a small amount of water to secure the contents in the glass and carefully wipe away any excess soil or debris for a clean and beautiful display.

2. Harmonious Feng Shui Terrarium

Create a Feng Shui terrarium using simple items for an amazing look. Utilize beams available at home to house small plants, and enhance their appeal with decorative stones. These portable terrariums can be easily relocated within your home, adding an element of Chinese Geomancy to your space.

Harmonious Feng Shui Terrarium

3. Miniature Corked Apothecary Bottle Terrarium

Create a charming terrarium using a small or medium-sized bottle with a cork. Fill it with a combination of sand, soil, and small stones, then add a small plant root at the center. This unique centerpiece will add an interesting touch to your living room or dining table.

4. Petite Bell Jar Terrarium

Create a captivating terrarium using a mini bell jar made of glass with ventilation. Fill it with a mixture of soil, sand, and pebbles to simulate a drainage system for your plant. Place it on your dining table to capture everyone’s attention with its unique charm.

5. Coastal Lighthouse Glass Globe Terrarium

To create a beach lighthouse glass globe terrarium, choose a clear glass vessel or a globe-shaped bottle. Place your plant inside and surround it with small stones and sand. Spray some water to enhance the realism. For an added touch, incorporate small LED lights connected to a battery, creating a glowing effect at night. With the sand and pebbles, you’ll achieve a captivating beach-themed view, making it a creative and intriguing centerpiece.

6. Miniature Light Bulb Terrarium

To create a small light bulb terrarium, gather small bulbs, whether fused or not. Fill the bulbs with a combination of stones, sand, and soil. Seal the bulbs to complete the terrarium, resulting in a fabulous and unique look.

7. Desert Cactus Terrarium

While cactus terrariums may not have the same longevity as other types, they are still popular among many enthusiasts. Create one in a mirrored glass or container, placing the cactus inside with small stones and soil. Spritz with water and appreciate its beauty.

Desert Cactus Terrarium

8. Upcycled Light Bulb Terrarium

To create a light bulb terrarium, fill the bulb with sand and add preserved moss. Carefully arrange your plant in the center and add rocks and pebbles for an intriguing aesthetic. Enjoy the unique charm of your light bulb terrarium.

9. Vintage Bell Cloche Terrarium

To create a DIY bell cloche, start by using a glass cutter to shape the glass. Heat and cool the glass alternately to locate the score point for a clean cut. Once you have the desired shape, fill the cloche with moss, sand, rocks, and your chosen plant. For added creativity, incorporate glitters and crushed glass. Enjoy the captivating and unique appeal of your homemade bell cloche.

10. Whimsical Thimble Terrariums

To create a thimble terrarium, select a small glass or steep pot and consider coloring it from the outside to enhance its attractiveness. Place your chosen plant inside and surround it with a mixture of sand and soil. Spray water lightly to provide moisture, and add rocks to create a classy and realistic appearance. The resulting miniature terrarium will add a touch of splendor to any space with its unique and charming structure.

Whimsical Thimble Terrariums

11. Nautical Succulent Terrarium

To create a beach-themed terrarium, start with a small glass pot that is open on one side. Place a small plant inside, along with sand, soil, and small rocks. Adding preserved moss will enhance the natural appeal.

To complete the beach theme, incorporate small plastic or rubber items such as seashells, starfish, or miniature beach chairs to give your terrarium a coastal vibe. This creative touch will transform your terrarium into a charming beach-inspired display.

12. Whimsical Eggshell Terrarium

Creating an Egg Shell terrarium is a delightful and charming project. Start by carefully emptying and cleaning an eggshell. Reinforce the shell by applying a thin layer of adhesive or gum material to the exterior. Once it dries, you can fill the shell with a small plant, pebbles, and sand to create a miniature terrarium. This adorable Egg Shell terrarium will make a lovely addition to your balcony or living room, adding a touch of natural beauty and whimsy to your space.

Whimsical Eggshell Terrarium


Discover 12 unique and fantastic terrarium ideas to transform your home. Unleash your creativity and create stunning and captivating miniature ecosystems that will bring a fresh and captivating look to your living space. Let your imagination soar and turn these terrariums into eye-catching focal points that will impress and inspire. Explore the possibilities and infuse your home with the beauty of these small, enchanting worlds.

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